Sunday, April 21, 2013

Catching Up

This post is just going to be a catch up of all the pictures and things I haven't had a chance yet to blog about. To say I've been busy is an understatement!

The weather has finally warmed up over the past few weeks - spring is finally here, although it's been cold the last few days.....

I've been taking more walks recently too. I love going down to the park by my house since it's right by the river.

I've loved getting to wear some summer clothes!

Two Fridays ago I had to get dressed up for a job interview, and I'm happy to say it went well - as long as I pass the background check, I'll have a new job for the summer and college. Wahooo!

The job is up on campus - it was SO weird walking around by myself. That was the first time I had walked around a college campus by myself, but in 4 months that will be totally normal. Crazy!

I went shopping with my friend Danielle out at the mall last weekend too. Mall trips are my favorite!

My aunt and cousin brought me back a cupcake when they were in Hilton Head a few weeks ago from a cute bakery called South Carolina Cupcake. They know how obsessed I am with bakeries - ha! I can't wait to try the Savannah location in person this summer :)

The Red Velvet was HUGE and delicious. I always get Red Velvet when I try out a new bakery - that's my "standard" cupcake that I use to compare them all - ha!

I also worked an event at school recently that required formal attire. I busted out my Lilly dress because I haven't gotten too much use out of it. I love it so much though!

I was also having a great hair and makeup day - a rare combination of both :)

I've also been spending a lot of time playing with this pup.

And maybe torturing her a bit :) Thankfully she's such a good-natured dog.

I also finally got to go to Zip Dip (our favorite creamery around here) and actually eat my ice cream outside. Yeah!

And just because she's cute, I'll end this post with another picture of my sweet Coco.

I just have a few more posts until I finally get everything caught up! I hope you had a great weekend.

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