Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring Must-Haves

With spring pretty much here, and summer coming up just around the corner I thought it would be fun to put together my list of must-haves for this upcoming season.

Wedges are pretty much some of my favorite shoes. They are so much more comfortable than normal heels. I love wearing them in the summer, especially with a cute dress.

I recently got these Franco Sarton wedges from DSW that are SO comfortable.

I have a similar pair of BOC wedges that I got last year that also really comfortable. For me, it's rare to find comfortable heels.

I also want a pair of colored wedges for graduation, I just haven't bought any yet. I think these blue ones from Macy's are kind of cute.

Peplum, Peplum, Peplum!
I have jumped on the peplum bandwagon, and it is my absolute favorite style right now. I just can't get enough of it - I think it is super flattering and makes anyone look really skinny.

I have this shirt from Express - I love the color of it!

I love this Style & Co. jacket I bought at Macy's recently too.

I think this INC peplum shirt is SO cute with the little bow belt.

INC has the absolute best peplum shirts......

If you've never heard of Sanuks, you need to buy a pair NOW. They are flip-flops made out of yoga mats, and they are so incredibly comfortable.

I love the fact that they come with a little bit of a wedge heel too now. I just bought these, and I really love them.

They also have normal flip-flops in really cute colors. This light blue is one that I also really like.

I am a big dress lover. I have a TON of them, and they are my favorite thing to wear in the summer. I wear them all the time, even if I'm just heading to the store or something.

I recently discovered this cute store call Altar'd State. They are a Christian based store that sells everything from inspirational quote decor, to jewelry, as well as a ton of cute clothes, and especially cute dresses. I also think it's neat that a portion of their sales they donate back to charity too. I recently got my graduation dress there, as well as this super adorable dress that I am absolutely obsessed with.

The back is my absolute favorite part!

I have also loved Old Navy's dresses recently. I found this one on sale for $15 a few weeks ago - you can't beat that.

Normally I'm not a big skirt person, in fact, I really don't have any skirts. But I found this one at Loft the other day, and I am now really liking skirts. I love the pale pink color along with the material. Everything about it is perfect for spring and summer.

These are just a few of my favorite trends recently and some of the items I've specifically bought. I'm really looking forward to this upcoming season and some even warmer temperatures so I can try them all out!

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