Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wedding Cake Planning

I think I've mentioned before on here about how for my Senior Project I'm designing, baking, and decorating a wedding cake.

I've been practicing various cake decorating techniques throughout the school year, but I'm just now starting to come up with my final cake design, and I'm getting SO excited about it that I wanted to share some of the details with you now!

I started off by pinning some cakes I liked in general.....

From these, I decided I definitely wanted to do a 3-tiered cake, covered in fondant, with flowers and some kind of piping work on it as well.

I also came across a trend that I decided I wanted to incorporate as well....


My idea has slowly evolved, and I think certain elements of these cakes best describe my vision as of now....

I want some piping work on the sides of at least one of the tiers similar to the bow technique on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th tiers on this one.

I want different types of flowers (some fondant, some buttercream) on the side of the cake, similar to this placement, except not the top of the cake itself.

And I want the colors of the flowers to be ombre, like on this cake. I do think I want them to be pink too - from dark pink on the bottom to a light pink at the top!

Then I'm planning for the very top of the cake to be piped like I did on this cake a while ago.

I'm really looking forward to putting it all together and making my dream of designing my own wedding cake a reality!

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