Sunday, November 17, 2013

Project 365 {October 2013}

I seem to be later and later each month posting this, but here it is.....

October 1 - First KD chapter meeting tonight!

October 2 - Chick-fil-a for dinner: always a good idea.

October 3 - It's been one of those days where I just need some Christmas music to get me in a good mood!

October 4 - Rewarding myself for surviving this hectic week with a new scarf and a Starbucks!

October 5 - My first Seton cake pops since graduating....

October 6 - Saw Ghost tonight - so fun!

October 7 - Had a day of Kenwood shopping, Yagoot eating, and Starbucks drinking. Now I just hope my new flats are comfortable!

October 8 - Cinnamon rolls for breakfast - a good way to end fall break!

October 9 - Reading on the steps so I can soak up the sun!

October 10 - Light the Night walk!

October 11 - P&G visit, lunch, and cupcakes on Fountain Square on this Friday afternoon. This is what I love about college!

October 12 - Got to see Danielle today for an afternoon of manicures, lunch, and Graeter's!

October 13 - Love this color I chose for my manicure yesterday!

October 14 - Dinner at Willie's with Dad!

October 15 - Sweet tooth problems.....

October 16 - A long, rainy day on campus called for a Starbucks treat.

October 17 - I've never been so happy about a pair of shoes in my entire life!

October 18 - Is it weird that I have occasionally started listening to Christmas music? :)

October 19 - Cleaning out some old things....

October 20 - Love this girl!

October 21 - First Orange Leaf in a really long time!

October 22 - A late night of homework calls for a mug of hot chocolate!

October 23 - Travel dreaming today.....

October 24 - Orange Life: Round 2 for this week!

October 25 - Such a pretty view of campus!

October 26 - Best Halloween display!

October 27 - Still loving our neighbor's display!

October 28 - The only thing that makes homework better: having a sweet pup cuddling right beside me!

October 29 - The best part of today...

October 30 - Halloween themed throwback!

October 31 - Happy Halloween!

What a busy and fun October!

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