Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sweets, Shopping, and Initiations

This post is just a little bit of everything as I work to catch up.....

The mere fact that we live in a world where things like Red Velvet Dark Chocolate Covered Santas exist is a reason alone to be happy and believe there is a God ;)

Last weekend I made cake pops for my friend's sister since it was her 13th birthday. I then proceeded to feel extremely old thinking about my 13th birthday and how long ago it was.....

My mom made the Pioneer Woman's homemade French Toast for dinner last weekend. It was absolutely delicious.

This is what I like to call a diva dog. I wish I could say that this photo was staged, but it wasn't. She really just laid her head on the pillow herself.

This is my schedule for the Monday after Thanksgiving. I cringe just thinking about it.

These are wonderful. If you haven't had them, you must try them!

I was officially initiated into Kappa Delta Sorority on Thursday (11/21). I'm so happy to be a real member and to know some of the secrets of KD :)

When I came home, I found a bouquet of white roses sitting on my kitchen table from my parents, since our flower is the white rose. Loved that!

One of my cousins was also a KD in college (at UC too!), and she dropped off a surprise little gift at the KD house that I got the night of initiation. It was this sweet picture of her girls!

After class on Friday I headed out to the mall just for fun. Why not? I had some time to kill and what better way to spend my time than walking around my favorite mall?

I basically want all of the new Formula X for Sephora nail polishes for Christmas. All of the colors are so pretty and unique.

I couldn't stop smiling as I walked around the mall since it was decorated for Christmas and Christmas music was playing.

I even spotted Santa ;)

I went in Nordstrom to try on this cardigan (aka the blardigan). If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you're not reading Pinterest Told Me To, and you really should be! This piece of clothing was super soft and comfortable. It was also really cute (just ignore the fact that my legs are awkwardly crossed - ha!).

 Macy's all decorated for Christmas. What could be better?

I only had about an hour at the mall before I had to grab dinner, so I went across the street to Noodles & Co. - one of my favorite places!

I also picked up Yagoot on my way to a holiday fair/event thing at a local salon. Basically they had a bunch of vendors selling different gifts, which was fun to look around at.

My mom and I also started putting out our Christmas decorations Friday night too. Wahooo! We usually wait until after Thanksgiving, but with Thanksgiving being so late this year and the fact that it is already super cold out and snowing as I actually type this sentence, we decided to decorate early.

On Saturday I was initiated into Alpha Kappa Psi (my business fraternity) in the morning, and then I went back out to the mall with my parents in the afternoon. It was another short trip, but we did get shakes at Chick-fil-a.

I also went to Hobby Lobby that night, which is one of my favorite stores for Christmas items. I loved this huge display of nutcrackers!

Sunday was actually the first Sunday in THREE months that I didn't have anywhere I needed to be (besides church). So after I got home from church and visiting my grandpa, I put on my pajamas and spent the rest of the day finishing homework, watching a Christmas movie, cleaning my room, and just getting a lot of stuff done overall.

I'm so excited this has been a short week. I only have a 0.25 day of school today (3/4 of my classes were cancelled), and then it will finally be Thanksgiving break!

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