Sunday, December 8, 2013


This past week was a pretty darn good one.

Monday morning was kind of crazy though. I had to get to school an hour early to meet with a group about a presentation we had to give at 9.

Then it was time for SWOT.

SWOT was our big first semester-long project. I was in a group with half of my learning community for the project. We had been working on it for a majority of the semester. The project involved a paper (ours ended up being about 20 pages!) and  a presentation on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) of P&G's Tide. It was actually a really interesting project.

We ended up having 6/17 of our group members give the presentation.

Guess who was one of them?

Yeah, me.

At first that kind of scared me. I mean, I'm usually pretty good at giving presentations, but this was one in front of about 60 people, including three execs from P&G. Talk about a little intimidating!

We got together on Sunday afternoon to practice and put together a few little thank-yous for the people coming to watch our presentation.

I also made some Tide cake pops for the occasion.

I was nervous about the presentation all weekend and Monday morning.

When we went to practice on Monday before the final presentation, we had the hardest time finding a place to practice because almost all of the business freshman were giving their SWOTs that day, and everyone of course wanted to practice. We ended up having to go to one of the dorms and find an empty classroom in there. It was a little crazy and stressful.

I am happy to say that our presentation went really well. I was SO happy about it. We found out on Friday that we got As on both the paper and presentation. Success!

To celebrate finally finishing SWOT, some of my learning community friends went to The Cheesecake Factory Monday afternoon. It was so much fun!

This was also my last week of real classes for the semester. It was actually my last week of five days of class until probably fall semester 2014 since I don't have Friday class in the spring. Wahooo!

On Friday we had a snow storm hit. A lot of the local schools called off, but not UC. I decided to go in (even though my parents suggested I skip - ha!), and I'm glad I did.

Friday was just overall a good way to end the semester. First off, it was St. Nick day....

I got to school crazy early because I left an hour and a half before my first class started in case the roads were bad. Turned out since the storm hadn't really hit yet, the roads weren't slick at all (just wet) and there was hardly any traffic. Since I was at school an hour early, I killed some time by going to Starbucks.

I went over to my first class still early and just hung out in the classroom with some of my other classmates. It was fun to get to talk and socialize a bit before class started. My professor also turned on some Christmas music and passed around doughnuts since it was our last class.

My professor is also the sweetest person ever. Since she knows how much I love to bake, she picked up a cupcake book for me (which she said she found on sale for a couple of dollars). I was shocked! She's done that all semester for people though - bringing them in little things that she knows they have an interest in.

I had one more class after that, where we wrapped up some stuff, got our SWOT grades back (which just about made my day!), and joked about some things. I am really so lucky to have gotten into KBS (my learning community). The people are just so sweet and supportive, and I love that.

My afternoon class was cancelled, and I didn't go into work because the weather was starting to get worse. So I headed home around 12:00 and spent the rest of the afternoon getting snowed in and watching Christmas movies.

Now I'm so excited for Tuesday at 3:30 because then I'll be done with this entire semester. Yay!

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