Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Project 365: November 2013

Only one more month and 2013 will be a thing of the past. How weird is that?!

November 1 - The best part of November 1? Christmas music time!

November 2 - Flashdance and Moerlein's blueberry cobbler. What could be better?

November 3 - Super excited to share my cake pops with my new college friends for the first time tomorrow!

November 4 - It's Big/Little week! :)

November 5 - Such a pretty sunset on campus tonight!

November 6 - Fun presents from my big!

November 7 - A perfect fall day for lunch outside!

November 8 - Big/Little reveal!

November 9 - Babysitting!

November 10 - Yum - my favorite!

November 11 - Today I watched 4 Christmas movies, cuddled with Coco, ate way too many Oreos, painted my nails, and did absolutely no school work. Success!

November 12 - Cut out of the alumnae newsletter...fabulous.

November 13 - Enjoying a Milky Way Midnight at lunch!

November 14 - Taking over my clothes...

November 15 - Semi-formal tonight!

November 16 - Had a super fund day eating lunch downtown, shopping at the Holiday Market, getting Starbucks, and browsing through Macy's!

November 17 - Things I am thankful for today: the fact that Red Velvet Santas exist.

November 18 - DIVA!

November 19 - Already dreading the Monday after Thanksgiving break....

November 20 - These ROCK!

November 21 - Finally an initiated member of KD! So blessed!

November 22 - After class I headed out to Kenwood to do some shopping by myself. So fun!

November 23 - Kenwood 2 days in a row + a Chick-fil-a shake make for a pretty fabulous day.

November 24 - First Sunday in THREE months where I didn't have any afternoon/evening plans. That made me happy.

November 25 -Met the Pioneer Woman and had Piada for dinner. That is what I call a successful day.

November 26 - Crazy girl...

November 27 - Finishing up Minnie Mouse cake pops for Savannah's birthday later this week!

November 28 - Happy Thanksgiving!

November 29 - Savannah's 2nd Birthday Party tonight!

November 30 - Pinterest project success!

Now it's time for my favorite month: December!

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