Sunday, December 29, 2013

Post-Christmas Fun

Usually the days after Christmas bring the post-Christmas blues. We're facing January and February, the coldest months of the year with few things to look forward to.

But not this year! I've been having fun these last few days, and I even have a super exciting trip to look forward to in January.

The day after Christmas my family went to the zoo for the Festival of Lights. We usually like to go before Christmas but just didn't have the time to squeeze it in this year.

On Friday my family headed up to Columbus for the day to do some shopping at Easton. I actually didn't do any shopping (I don't know whether to be sad or proud of that fact - ha!), but I did eat a lot of sweets.

How cute are these little truffles?!

Jeni's ice cream is SO good - Brown Butter Almond Brittle + The Milkiest Chocolate in the World is my favorite.

I always get a Rich Mint brownie from Sugardaddy's to take home too :)

Saturday was complete perfection. First off, I slept 12 hours. If that isn't a good kick-start to your day, I don't know what is.

Then I spent the afternoon watching The Lucky One, which I had bought really cheap on Black Friday but hadn't had a chance to watch yet.

I went to dinner with some old high school friends. So fun!

I also stopped by Target afterwards for a Starbucks, where I picked up the movie New Years Eve and went home and watched that. Such a perfect lazy day.

Today was another semi-lazy day. I was actually happy to wake up to a rainy day. Ever since I got my Hunters (aka my best purchase ever!), I've looked forward to rain. I also got a new rain jacket for Christmas too, so rainy days are my favorite now!

I hope you are enjoying these last few days of 2013. They're going by fast!

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