Thursday, December 12, 2013

First Semester: CHECK!

As of 2:30 on Tuesday, I was officially done with my first semester of college.

I can hardly even believe it.

People always tell you how fast it goes, but then when you're actually living it, life goes by even faster. I mean, I'm 1/8 of the way through college classes (not college in general though since I plan to co-op!).

College is so different than I would have expected. I guess everyone tells you that too, but you don't understand it until you're actually in college.

In just one semester, I have already met people who are so different from me - people with different values, religious beliefs, ideals. I hadn't really experienced a whole lot of that growing up in all private schools. It's different and weird, but I think it's good to get to know people from all different walks of life.

I've done things this semester that I never would have thought I would do, like join a sorority and a business fraternity, and give a SWOT presentation in front of 60 people.

Oh, and I actually enjoyed microeconomics. I honestly thought it was interesting. Still surprised at myself at that one.....

I've met so many more people than I ever would have expected. I can usually walk around campus and see at least one person I know every day (and when you go to such a big school like UC, that's saying something).

The people I have met are so sweet, and the professors are ten times more personable than I ever thought they would be.

I remember when people said that you shouldn't go to a big school if you don't want to "just be a number." I don't feel that at all though - a lot of my professors this semester knew me by name.

I also wasn't expecting there to be so many late nights (which late for me still isn't all that late - ha!). But seriously, I was up an extra hour or so most nights than I was in high school because there was a lot of homework and extracurricular meetings to attend.

But I have thoroughly enjoyed {almost} every minute of college so far, and I'm even more excited for next semester, especially since next semester means no class on Fridays, two less hours of class each week, and a trip to Montreal at the end of the semester with my KBS freshman class that I am unbelievably excited for!

I can't wait to see what these next few years hold, although my only complaint is that it's going by WAY too fast.

Since I was done with school early on Tuesday, I thought I would reward myself with a little Christmas shopping out at the mall!

Some people hate the crowds at the mall around Christmas, but to me, Christmas is my favorite time to shop! I love all of the sales, decorations, and Christmas music. The crowds don't usually bother me either :)

I treated myself to Yagoot AND Auntie Anne's because I figured I deserved it for getting through my first semester!

My mom and I also went to see Frozen on Tuesday night, and I absolutely loved it. Seriously, it was up there with Tangled (another one of my favorite Disney movies). I loved the story line and the music.

Wednesday afternoon I finished up my Christmas shopping at Target and watched Christmas Vacation while I wrapped presents.

These next few weeks before Christmas are going to be busy, but I'm so excited! Christmas is just my favorite time of year, and the fact that I have three and a half weeks off of school with absolutely no homework is just icing on the cake :)

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