Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Last Week

I'm getting caught up on all of the summer fun from last week.....

Tuesday was a great day. My mom and I met some of her friends at the park to walk, and afterwards we stopped by the Cabana for drinks. It was so relaxing just to sit by the river and enjoy a fruity drink!

Then that evening I went with my friend Courtney to yoga in the park! It was SO much fun. They had a free hour long yoga class, and it was great being able to do it outside with the breeze blowing. Just another reason why I love my city.

I unfortunately work up sick Wednesday morning and ended up not going into work. I am one of those people who usually never gets sick, but I missed two days of work in July because I was sick. This is pretty much how I felt all day.....

But at least I had a cute dog to keep me company while I laid on the couch and watched movies all day.

I was so happy when I woke up Thursday morning feeling 100% back to normal because I had a fun afternoon planned with my friend Danielle. We ate lunch downtown at First Watch and walked along the river. It was a beautiful day!

Then we headed back up to Fountain Square and ate cupcakes. Yum!

I'm so going to miss these laid back summer days in a few weeks when I go back to school!

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