Thursday, August 7, 2014

Project 365: July 2014

I know these Project 365 posts can be a bit repetitive, especially in the summer when I've posted a lot of the pictures before, but I still like to have them all in one place at the end of each month!

July 1 - Swim day!

July 2 - Wednesday night fun of Piada and Yagoot with Courtney and Emily!

July 3 - Annual Kuliga fireworks! It may have been cold this year, but it was still a great time with friends and family!

July 4 - Perfect 4th of July spent with family and friends swimming, tanning, shooting off fireworks, and eating lots of good food!

July 5 - Great summer day: got one of my favorite cookies from Findlay Market, went to Cabana for dinner, and babysat!

July 6 - Getting stuff done around the house, which included transferring dates into my new planner. Sometimes it's the simply things that make you happy!

July 7 - Came home from work early today because I wasn't feeling well, but Mom stopped and got me my favorite ice cream which helped me feel a little better :)

July 8 - KBS Reds game tonight!

July 9 - Incline House with Mom after work!

July 10 - Loved getting to see the Princess Diana exhibit today (especially her wedding dress!).

July 11 - I. Love. Summer.

July 12 - Went down to the City Flea in Washington Park this morning. So fun!

July 13 - Perfect way to end the weekend!

July 14 - Hobby Lobby and Target shopping tonight for some updated things for my room. Love this frame I bought!

July 15 - Starting the sixth Harry Potter tonight. Is it possible to be even more obsessed with this series while reading it for a second time?!

July 16 - Burritos and smoothies with friends on my lunch break is just the thing to get me through another afternoon at work.

July 17 - A day of swimming, reading, relaxing, and watching How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days....

July 18 - Easton day with Danielle - lots of shopping and eating sweets!

July 19 - Spent this relaxing Saturday working on my cake pop project before heading to a bonfire!

July 20 - Rita's, the Greene, and babysitting....perfect summer Sunday!

July 21 - Best Cheryl's cookie ever.

July 22 - Zoo day!

July 23 - Things that make me happy: Banana Nutella Waffles from Taste of Belgium.

July 24 - Only with these 2 does a simple lunch turn into an adventure involving climbing behind rusty equipment behind a building....

July 25 - Lunch at the Banks and walking around downtown and Rookwood today!

July 26 - A DQ Blizzard makes any day better.

July 27 - Celebrated Deacon's 1st birthday tonight!

July 28 - Love this girl!

July 29 - I love summer days like this: walking at Fernbank, drinks at Cabana, and yoga at Washington Park!

July 30 - Today was a sick day at home :( At least I had this pup to snuggle with!

July 31 - I love days downtown!

Such a great month!

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