Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 27

Friday was a better day than Thursday, so I have more to blog about...I think yesterday's blog was the shortest one ever! So, school was pretty good yesterday. My geometry test was really easy! The only bummer thing was lunch. On Monday, we are doing this living rosary thing that I am involved in, and practice was at lunch time. I seriously had 10 minutes to eat lunch! I was just trying to shove as much food in my mouth as possible :) After school, I cleaned at Grandpa's, and then I went shopping with Abby and Ashley. It was a lot of fun because we hadn't gone shopping in a really long time. Unfortunaly, I didn't buy anything except Great Steak and Yagoot. I really wanted these black boots from Macy's, but they weren't 50% off like the sign on the table said....I was so mad. Well, after shopping we went over Rachel's house to hang out. I ended up spending the night too. It was fun because Kelley was there, and I hadn't seen her in forever! I also feel like I barely get to hang out with Rachel anymore either because she always has basketball.

So, yesterday was a really good day for me!

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