Friday, February 15, 2013

Project 365: January 2013

So I kind of forgot to post this at the end of January.....oops! But I have decided to continue on with Project 365 this year because I enjoyed it so much last year. So here's what I was up to in January 2013......

January 1 - Our first fire in our fireplace in probably 10 years!

January 2 - Dewey's for lunch at Newport this afternoon!

January 3 - Wearing my new Michael Kors coat as I head out to Panera to meet Danielle and Erin!

January 4 - Doing a little California research!

January 5 - Obsessed with this Target find!

January 6 - Watching Dolphin Tale to wrap up Christmas Break tonight.

January 7 - After a bad day at babysitting, a Girl Scout trying to break into my house, and locking my keys in the car, I took it easy with a pint of Half Baked and one of my favorite movies!

January 8 - Bride Wars movie night!

January 9 - Love this January weather!

January 10 - Small One!

January 11 - Beautiful sky on this Friday night :)

January 12 - Kenwood shopping this afternoon!

January 13 - Cookie decorating!

January 14 - Carrying this picture over from brunch yesterday since nothing exciting happened today!

January 15 - I think I deserve a Pinterest award for designing this banner 100% myself :)

January 16 - Working on the owls for the baby shower banner.

January 17 - Obsessed with this baby shower banner I made for mom's friend!

January 18 - Babysitting Miss Lorelei

January 19 - UC basketball game tonight!

January 20 - Slumber party silliness!

January 21 - Working on some macarons - something I've always wanted to try and make myself!

January 22 - Finished making my macarons tonight. SO proud of the way they turned out!

January 23 - Walking through Target with a hot Starbucks is my guilty pleasure!

January 24 - Seton/Mercy basketball game tonight!

January 25 - My first professional interview today. Hello adulthood.....

January 26 - My last Father/Daughter Dance tonight!

January 27 - Walt's for dinner!

January 28 - Sleeping in her snuggie - ha!

January 29 - Cutie!

January 30 - Found this surprise in my car after school today!

January 31 - Snuggling with Small One!

This year has been flying by already..... Hope you all have an excellent weekend.

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