Sunday, February 24, 2013

Rejects, Cake Pops, & Weekend Fun

I've had such a fun, but busy weekend! I feel like I always say that, but it's totally true. Life seems to be SO crazy lately - it's just flying by.

On Friday night I headed downtown with my mom and aunt to go to Winter Jam - a big concert with a bunch of different modern Christian singers/bands. We got there right when the show was starting, but it was actually so crowded that it got sold out before we got there, and you couldn't purchase tickets ahead of time. I was amazed that a 17,000 seat arena would sell out for a Christian concert. Maybe our society isn't totally doomed after all :)

So we took a few pictures by the river.....

But then a few of the singers came out and played some songs to the "Winter Jam Rejects", which I thought was super nice. And the main person we wanted to see - Matthew West - came out first!

A band called OBB also came out, and although I had never heard of them before, I thought they were really good!

It amazed me all of the people who were stuck outside too - I bet 1,000 people weren't let in. Crazy!

Then we went to dinner at Crave and got dessert at Orange Leaf. Overall, it was a really fun night even though we didn't actually get into the concert.

On Saturday I ran to Target with my mom, and then I spent the rest of the afternoon working on some more cake pops for one of my friends. I had to make dance themed ones for her sister's dance competition. After that order, I have now made $399 selling baked goods. I can't wait to meet the $400 mark, and I'm only $1 away - ha!

That night I went to see Safe Haven with my friend Danielle. It was SO good! It was a little different from a lot of the other Nicholas Sparks movies because it was much more suspenseful, and even a tiny bit scary at times! I would definitely recommend it though. I want to see it again already.

We tried going to Dairy Queen afterwards, but who would have guessed that they closed before 9:30 on a Saturday night? I was really disappointed since I had been wanting DQ for weeks now, but we still ended up getting Graeter's :)

Today my family went to a little Daytona 500 party. That makes my family sound like such hillbillies - ha! But really it was more my dad and his friend watching the race, and my mom and I socializing with her friend and their kids. Then we went all went to dinner at LaRosa's.

And now starts another crazy week! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend.

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Anonymous said...

I love going to the WinterJams! Those are my favorite concerts. It was nice of Matthew West and OOB (never heard of them.) to come outside and play for y'all.