Thursday, February 28, 2013

Project 365: February 2013

I have been a terrible blogger the last few weeks. It's been kind of nice to take a little break though! Here's what I was up to in February......

February 1 - A cold snowy day today. At least we got a 2 hour delay out of it this morning :)

February 2 - Spending my afternoon playing with this cutie!

February 3 - Baking a cake this afternoon!

February 4 - Panera for lunch with Mom on my day off school!

February 5 - I LOVE my finished decorated and 100% homemade cake :)

February 6 - Loving these heart shaped Krispy Kremes Mom bought today!

February 7 - Dessert for Mom's birthday!

February 8 - Went to the UC Honors Brunch this morning. Ditched after lunch and walked around campus with Erin while enjoying a Starbucks!

February 9 - My favorite blueberry cobbler at dinner with Dad's side of the family tonight.

February 10 - Painted my nails red today in preparation for Valentine's Day!

February 11 - Chocolate covered strawberries = quickly demolished in our house

February 12 - Hot chocolate kind of night.....

February 13 - Valentine's Day cake pops

February 14 - Took Coco for a nice walk on this Valentine's Day that felt like spring!

February 15 - Went to Kenwood with Danielle tonight, and I found this book. I may need to go back and get it soon :)

February 16 - Cake pop decorating kind of day!

February 17 - Brunch for Grampsy's birthday today!

February 18 - Easton day! Did lots of good shopping, found my prom dress, and ate way too many sweets :)

February 19 - Had a memory lane/ancestor history party tonight. This picture is of 4 generations: my great-grandmother, grandma, mom, and me!

February 20 - Coco takes over my bed like it's her's.....

February 21 - Freezing rain tonight. I hate winter.....

February 22 - Didn't get into Winter Jam tonight, so Mom, Aunt Joan, and I went to Crave and Orange Leaf!

February 23 - Seton Dance cake pops!

February 24 - Larosa's tonight!

February 25 - Hobby Lobby, Target, and Starbucks run kind of night!

February 26 - Made the Double Chocolate brownies this afternoon and then celebrated Riley's 5th birthday!

February 27 - Qdoba, Orange Leaf, and old family movies kind of night

February 28 - Settling in for a night of old family videos!

Normally it seems like February is one of those months that drags on because it's always so cold and dark, but this month went fast and it was a lot of fun. So thankful for that!

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