Sunday, February 17, 2013

Shopping, Baking, & Other Weekend Ramblings

It's Sunday night and I'm sitting down to blog about my weekend like I do every Sunday. But this week I'm happy to say that my weekend isn't quite over yet since I'm off school tomorrow. Yay!

I was also off school on Friday, so it's actually been a 4 day weekend for me.

On Friday I unfortunately had both a dentist and doctor's appointment, and that's not the first time my mom has scheduled both of those on the same day for me...... It was weird though because this was my first doctor's appointment at an "adult" doctor. I actually haven't been to my pediatrician in a few years, but I still wasn't quite old enough to transfer to my parent's doctor. So I finally did, and it was definitely different. I was happy it was just a quick check-up though. My new doctor said I was a boring patient too because I hardly ever get sick (I've never had an ear infection or strep throat even), and for once I was happy to be considered boring - ha!

In between appointments my mom and I stopped for lunch at Panera - one of my favorites!

That night I went out to dinner and to the mall with my friend Danielle. Going shopping with friends is one of my favorite things.

I found this book at Anthropology, and I'm thinking I need to buy it soon. I passed on it because it was $30, but it's a book all about Paris with recipes for Parisian baked goods. And if you know me at all, you know how much I love Paris and baking!

I also passed on this Express top, but I think I may need to get it! My mom and I are going shopping tomorrow, so I didn't want to spend a whole lot of money Friday night, but I can't stop thinking about this shirt. Peplum tops are my new obsession.

Saturday morning was spent doing......(can you guess?!?)......some baking! One of my friends asked if I would make cake pops for her sister's birthday, and I was happy to do it. She asked me to spell out Happy Birthday, and I think it turned out so cute. It was my first cake pop order in over a month too - it always seems to come and go in spurts. I'll get a few orders in a week or 2 and then I'll go a month before I have another one, although I don't have any more lined up now :)

Then I made a few extras for a family party we're having Tuesday night. I just made some random ones, and I used fondant on a few because I had some leftover from the cake I made a few weeks ago. I was pretty happy with the result.

I also did a little bit of experimenting with some fondant roses, and I was pretty happy with my very first attempt. It was so easy!

Today my family went out to brunch to celebrate my Grandpa's 88th birthday, which was actually on Valentine's Day!

Savannah and I - she's getting SO big!

We also went to my cousin's indoor soccer game and then spent the rest of the afternoon at home. And in my case, that involved a nice afternoon nap :)

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend - hopefully it's a long one for you too!

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