Friday, February 1, 2013

Proud Baking Moment

Last week I finally tackled something I had been wanting to do for months. I made homemade French macarons!

If you're not familiar with macarons, they're a small cookie that somewhat resembles a meringue cookie (although it isn't). The small cookies then are sandwiched between a layer of buttercream icing. So yummy!

I had always been a *bit* nervous about them because, well, they're complicated. You have to use ingredients I had never heard of before (almond flour), as well as baking techniques I had never done. So I had always shied away from them. But I decided to just go for it because I had a project on France that I could bring in food for. Turned out perfect!

And the macarons were not as difficult as I had thought they would be. Sure, I had to measure out the ingredients in grams not cups, and I had to age egg whites for several days, as well as cut and strip an actual vanilla bean.

But I was SO proud of myself when they actually turned out well! I think the texture was slightly off, but I was incredibly happy with them. For being a complicated process, I think I did a good job for my first attempt.

I followed Amanda's recipe, and I was really happy with the results. I would probably say that the macarons were one of the baking attempts I have been the proudest of simply because they are more complicated, but definitely not impossible.

This endeavor makes me want to try a whole lot more "complicated" pastries :)

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