Friday, February 22, 2013

Sweet Things

I have been MIA all week because I feel like I have been over-the-top busy. You know those days where you feel like you're constantly doing something from sun-up to sun-down but you still don't manage to get everything done? Yeah, that's been me all week.

But, nevertheless, there have still been a lot of good things that have happened. So here are just a few (super random!) sweet things I've been enjoying this week.....

Family Pictures
On Tuesday night some of the girls on my mom's side of the family got together to look through old pictures. We looked through things from when my grandparents were my age up until a few years ago. I always find it SO fascinating to learn about my grandparents and the lives they led before I knew them!

I brought over some cake pops for the occasion, and Savannah got to try them for the first time! She wasn't too sure at first......

.....but then she caught on!

Here's some of the old pictures we found.....

This is my parents at my mom's senior Christmas Dance. This was one of their first dates! My mom was telling us how she hated her dress, but that my Grandma saved up money, bought it for her as a surprise, and was so excited about it that my mom felt bad not wearing it - ha! I personally don't think it's that bad for the 1980s!

This is my grandma on her wedding day. I totally learned some new things about her as well! She passed away 11 years ago, but she was always one of my favorite people. She grew up in the Great Depression though and was really poor - her dad lost his job and her mom had tuberculosis. But then she ended up marrying my grandpa, having 5 kids, and living a very comfortable life! I find it fascinating that she had kind of a rag-to-riches story.

I put together this little collage - it's 4 generations: my great-grandmother, my grandma, my mom, and me! I think this is SO neat to compare.

Girl Scout Cookies
I'm pretty sure I could eat my weight in Girl Scout cookies. The only thing I don't like about them? There's only like 10 cookies in a box these days! We just got a box of Samoas last night, and we're already halfway through the box. Thin Mints are my absolute favorite though :)

My Puppy
I may be biased, but I think Coco is just the cutest dog ever.

School Delays
We had an ice storm roll through last night, so we had a 2-hour delay this morning! They actually called it last night, so the extra hours of sleep were amazing.

I've got an interesting story about the ice too.... We have a parking garage at school, and they didn't salt or shovel the ice this morning on the top. So, there was basically a sheet of ice on the top of the garage. Thankfully I don't park on the top this year because as the ice started to melt, the cars started sliding all over and into each other. Talk about crazy! I've never heard of that happening before, so that was definitely the buzz around school this afternoon.

The other day I was talking to the girl I babysit about going to college next year, and when I told her that I would most likely be living at home still, she got all excited about the fact that I might still be able to watch them next year. Hearing that made my heart a little happy :)

I've babysat the same 2 kids for the last 2 years, so I definitely know them well, but they never cease to make me laugh. Take today for example, I was helping them feed their pet crayfish, and the girl (I don't want to use her name for privacy reasons, so ignore the fact that this is worded awkwardly....) was yelling insults at the fish. I was cracking up when she said "Where we're from, you're just another side dish!"

My life is definitely never boring!

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