Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Good Days

Yesterday was one of my last class days of high school. It was just a pretty good day that I want to document for when I'm 25 with a real job and I want to look back on high school.....

School was pretty much a day of doing nothing! Out of my 7 classes, 4 of them are AP, and since AP testing is over, so is school for the most part. We also have only 2 days of actual class left.

Let's see......I sat around and talked with friends in Calculus. I have a study hall after that and for the first time didn't actually have anything to work on - I caught up on blogging instead!

My Spirituality class involved people working on skits to be presented today. Since I wasn't in class today and neither was my friend Danielle, we uncovered books for our teacher - ha!

We did actually do a little bit of work in groups in my Government class since our AP exam was today.

In Statistics we literally shoe shopped :) Our teacher gave us a study hall, and one of the girls hooked her laptop up to the projector and we browsed through wedges on Nordstrom. So fun!

We talked in English class and watched old videos of my teacher in plays. Kind of weird.....

Then after doing nothing all day I busted my butt in art class. We have so many assignments - I had to finish up a project and take down all of my artwork from the art show. I was so happy to get all of that done though.

After school I drove out to the new Ulta. One just opened up a little bit closer to me, and I had a few things I wanted to get, so I headed out that way to check it out.

One of the things on my list was waterproof mascara. I know that with the end of high school coming up, I don't want mascara all over my face :)

And since I was out that way anyway, I had to go through the drive-thru Starbucks. Oh how I wish there was a drive-thru one closer to my house! I also got to drive in luxury yesterday. My car needed new tires, so I got to drive my mom's car all day.

Then I met my parents at Chipotle for dinner!

I also did a lot of baking yesterday. I cranked up Mamma Mia and baked all of the layers for my wedding cake.

Today was my last AP exam ever. We finished before 11 and now I'm just chilling at home. It's crazy how I pretty much have no homework left. Having all of this free time is so rare to me!

It's also a gorgeous day out - I snapped this picture on my way home.

I hope your days have been as fun and relaxing as mine.

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