Friday, May 24, 2013

Senior Memories & Other Random Things

So I realized that there are a bunch of pictures and things that haven't made the blog yet, so I'm lumping them all into this post. It seems like most of them are end of the year senior things, but some are randoms as well!

Last week was our senior week and each day had a different theme to go along with it. Monday was college day, Tuesday was senior citizens, and Wednesday was senior trip. Here's some of my friends at lunch on senior trip day.

Last Thursday was our senior day of reflection. We've had one every year, and this year's really revolved on looking back at our time at Seton as well as looking ahead and preparing for life after high school. At one point we all had glow sticks in the dark, and I thought it looked so cool.

And here's just a few pictures of Coco in case you need your daily cute puppy fix - ha!

On Saturday I made some Doc McStuffins cake pops for my cousin Sydney's birthday party.

I also met my super sweet Senior Project mentor for the last time, and she was kind enough to give me a whole bag of baking goodies. I can't believe how nice she has been to me this year, and I am so thankful for her.

Saturday night was our senior dance at school. The theme was thriftshop, so the idea was basically to go shopping at a thriftshop and buy the tackiest/craziest outfit you could find. I bought a pair of overalls, but I also added some parrot earrings and this CRAZY peacock necklace that used to be my grandma's. Hahahaha!

Don't I just look great? :)

My friends Morgan, Danielle, and I - we all went thriftshopping together!

On Monday my school hosted Beautiful Lengths again. Basically a bunch of girls grow their hair out and we do a simultaneous cut of over 300 people, and the hair is used to make wigs for cancer patients. It is such an amazing thing to witness. My hair was unfortunately not long enough to donate, but I did get to cut someone's hair!

I made Red Velvet Cookies on Monday night with Milky Way Midnight (my favorite candy!), and they turned out really yummy.

Tuesday was our Spirit Day at school. Seniors are always pink, which I have been looking forward to since freshman year since pink is my favorite color! Overall, it was a really fun day spent competing in games with my homeroom. The seniors won too :)

I made cake pops for my last day of class on Wednesday. Over the years I've brought in more cake pops than I can count, so it was really bittersweet to be bringing in one last batch. I did graduation themed ones.

I have for sure been busy lately, but I wouldn't trade these last few high school memories for anything!

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