Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Project 365: April 2013

Finally getting around to posting my Project 365 from April.......

April 1 - Opening Day lunch!

April 2 - Crestview and Starbucks trip after school today since I didn't have to babysit and Mom was off!

April 3 - Taking Small One for walks usually ends in her walking me....

April 4 - Coco's own personal sleeping bag - ha!

April 5 - Perfect end to my Friday that kicked off with a trip to the mall and seeing Jessica's thesis presentation.

April 6 - Babysitting this afternoon. So glad it was warm enough to play outside!

April 7 - First Red's game of 2013! The temperature was in the 70s, and it felt just like summer :)

April 8 - Grabbed some ice cream on the way home from the KBS presentation. Yum!

April 9 - Gorgeous 80 degree day!

April 10 - SO happy I got to wear this summertime outfit today.

April 11 - Cutie!

April 12 - First time walking around a college campus all by myself. Scary!

April 13 - Sweet Carolina Red Velvet cupcake brought back all the way from Hilton Head. Yum!

April 14 - Perfect day to eat Zip Dip outside!

April 15 - Really happy with my decorated cake!

April 16 - Spoiled much?

April 17 - Target/Starbucks run makes any day better.

April 18 - Someone is very sleepy tonight!

April 19 - Watching Titanic and snuggling with Coco!

April 20 - Today included trips to Sugarcraft, Jungle Jim's, Sonic, and the movies to see Home Run. Perfection!

April 21 -Spent this gorgeous spring afternoon at the zoo! 

April 22 - Crazy one!

April 23 - First Cabana trip!

April 24 - Added a few new book to the list of ones I want to read this summer.

April 25 - Coco is taking over my tests of convergence study guide....

April 26 - Senior prom night!

April 27 - I can't wait for the Lilly Pulitzer store to open soon :)

April 28 - Studying. All. Day. Long.

April 29 - Practicing my Senior Project Presentation. Can I get it under 10 minutes?!

April 30 - Gorgeous weather!

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