Thursday, August 1, 2013

Aloha! Greetings From.....

.......NOT Hawaii. Ha - I wish!

It seems like everyone I know has recently gone or is going to Hawaii.

Everyone.......except me.


But anyway, some of my family is cruising Hawaii next month (can you tell I'm a little jealous?!). To celebrate they had a luau themed party with the big group they are going with. My family and I were invited even though we aren't going on the trip.

Hawaiian island rejects!

Ha - but seriously, the luau was so fun. I'm glad we could at least attend that even though we won't actually be climbing volcanoes with them next month.

My mom offered to bring some food, so I ended up making cake pops! It had been over a month since my last cake pop project, and I was so happy to be getting back into it. I went a little overboard with all of the designs, but these Hawaiian ones might be some of my favorites I've ever done.

I was so dang proud of this hibiscus flower. I'm not one to usually brag, but for freehand drawing this on a round cake pop, I was pretty impressed with myself.


How fun are these pineapples?

Tiki man!

I thought this bathing suit cake pop turned out really cute.

These suns came out exactly the way I had hoped, and they tasted super yummy since I had used chocolate cake and peanut butter chips for the sun rays.

How cute is the food table at the party? Everything was decorated so bright and colorful. Do you see those little muffin things in the basket in the lower right hand corner? Those would be lemon blossoms my aunt made that were SO delicious, and I usually dislike anything lemon. They were so yummy though that I couldn't stop eating them. They're on my list of things to bake soon - ha!

No Hawaiian party is complete without little mini umbrellas!

I loved the way my cake pops fit right in with the rest of the decor.

I ended up leaving the luau early because my friend Rachel's graduation party was also that night. I made her some cake pops as well since she's going to NKU next month (and I totally just typed next year instead of next month at first - how is this happening?!?).

I had so much fun at Rachel's party since I hadn't seen her and so many of my other friends in a while. Rachel went to Hawaii in June (I told you everyone I know is going - another one of my friends leaves this weekend!), so I got to hear all about her trip and look at lots of her pictures. I felt like Saturday was just a whole Hawaiian day.

I know this one is blurry, but it was a rare picture with some of my grade school friends so I had to add it in anyway.

Saturday was a fun day spent baking and laughing with friends and family.

However, the day made me realize something very important.......


I need to book a trip to Hawaii as soon as possible!

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