Saturday, August 3, 2013

Project 365: July 2013

How is it already August?! This year just seems to be flying by. I had another great month. Here's what I was up to in July.....

July 1 - Babysitting this sweet girl tonight!

July 2 - Forgot to take a picture today, so I'm borrowing one from our Punta Cana trip!

July 3 - My planner came in today!

July 4 - Happy 4th!

July 5 - Enjoying a relaxing Friday night to myself with a Red Velvet cupcake and an episode of DC Cupcakes!

July 6 - Acapulco's and Dairy Queen are becoming a July 6 tradition!

July 7 - LOVING my new jean jacket.

July 8 - Yummy!

July 9 - Saw Despicable Me 2 this afternoon :)

July 10 - Finally got a bubble necklace today!

July 11 - My sweet girl got a haircut today.

July 12 - Babysat Savannah this afternoon!

July 13 - Rode bikes for 8 miles this morning. Who am I?!?

July 14 - Sound check at the Jonas Brothers concert. Such a fun day!

July 15 - Sweetie!

July 16 - Coco's birthday!

July 17 - Wisdom Teeth Removal Day 2 and I'm already getting to eat some normal food. Yay!

July 18 - Lots of relaxing with Coco these past few days....

July 19 - Met baby Deacon tonight!

July 20 - Made a BonBonerie visit on the way to Kenwood by myself this afternoon.

July 21 - Celebrated National Ice Cream Day by grabbing a $1.43 cone with some friends tonight. Yum!

July 22 - This always makes for a good day in my opinion....

July 23 - In bed early to watch a new movie and snuggle with Coco. Pure bliss!

July 24 - Early morning selfies with my bestie!

July 25 - So excited for next year's Alaska trip!

July 26 - Enjoyed a perfect day of shopping and eating sweets at Easton with Danielle today.

July 27 - Made Hawaiian themed cake pops for the luau party tonight!

July 28 - Thankful for this super sweet girl.

July 29 - The best part of Mondays are free Busken cookies at lunch.

July 30 - A cookie dough flurry with chocolate ice cream from Zip Dip always makes for a good day.

July 31 - Met Nicci and Rachel at Newport tonight!

Looking back over the past month, it seems like all I've done is eat sweets - ha! I guess that means it was a pretty fabulous month :)

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