Thursday, August 22, 2013

End of Summer Fun

I have yet to come to terms with this whole summer-is-almost-over thing. I only have a few more days until school starts, although I know a lot of people who have already started. Crazy.

At the beginning of the summer there were a bunch of things I wanted to do. Kind of like a mini summer bucket list. Well, I was starting to get sad a few weeks ago when I realized I had hardly done any of them. So I made myself a list of things I really wanted to do before summer was over, and I've just about done them all. Success!

On Tuesday my mom and I headed up to Easton. I was just there last month with my friend Danielle, but since my mom hadn't been this summer, she really wanted to go, and I wasn't complaining! We stopped at Cracker Barrel for breakfast on the way up there. We always go to Cracker Barrel for breakfast when we go on vacation every summer, but since we flew this year, I hadn't gone and was dying to.

The rest of the day was spent eating lots of yummy food. They just have the best places to eat up there, so I feel like that's all I ever do at Easton - eat sweets especially.

We went to Le Chocoholique and got some gourmet chocolates. So rich, delicious, and beautiful!

We also had some Jeni's ice cream, which is quickly becoming my favorite Columbus treat!

Every time I'm in there I want to try all of their flavors. This time I got both The Milkiest Chocolate In The World and Brown Butter Almond Brittle. Both were fantastic! I would normally never try a flavor like Brown Butter Almond Brittle. I usually hate anything with nuts. Honestly though, it was one of the most unique ice cream flavors I have ever tasted, and it was absolutely amazing.

We did do some shopping as well. I really love this Celebrate Local store. They only sell things made in Ohio, and I just think it is so cute and different.

We bought a jar of Cinnamon Sticky Bun Syrup in there that I can't wait to try.

I browsed through the Paris travel guide books in Barnes & Noble. Is it weird that I really want a travel guide to Paris despite the fact that I'm not actually going any time soon?

I never get tired of walking around Easton.

We had a late lunch/early dinner at Piada, and the cashier must have misunderstood me when I asked for a glass of water. I ended up getting water literally in a glass bottle that came all the way from Tuscany, Italy. I felt very fancy drinking my Italian water - ha!

We also got some brownies from Sugardaddy's to go. I always get the Rich Mint, which is so delicious.

We stopped at Sonic (I told you all we did was eat!) on the way home for drinks. I so wish we had a Sonic close to where I live because their Strawberry Slushes are super good.

Last night my family went to the Red's game downtown, which was another thing I had been dying to do this summer. We had Skyline first....

...before watching the Red's beat the Diamondbacks!

It was the perfect night for a ball game.

My family also did something very uncharacteristic of us this morning. At 2 AM we went to Steak & Shake for some shakes since it was happy hour :) At the beginning of summer, we had talked about how we thought it would be fun to go to happy hour from 2-4 AM sometime. I'm so glad we finally did it, because it was so fun! I mean, seriously? How many times do you go to Steak & Shake with your family at 2 in the morning?

This afternoon I went swimming with my cousins - wahooo! Normally we go swimming with them so many times over the summer I can hardly count, but this year the temperature has been cool, so I hadn't swam with them once. I'm so happy we were able to do it though before we all go back to school.

Someone ended up loving my flip flops.....

So much fun!

I'm so happy I was able to spend these last few days of summer making some more memories. I have to go to UC tomorrow for a freshman convocation event, and then classes officially start on Monday. I only have one more weekend left!

How is this happening?!

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