Monday, November 29, 2010

12 Days of Christmas: Day 8

Once again, I decided to skip yesterday's blog challenge because I don't have any good DIY's to share! But I thought I would be back with today's topic!

Day 8: Least Favorite Thing About the Holidays

I think this one is an easy topic for me to answer. The holidays don't last long enough! I would LOVE to be able to celebrate them for at least a little bit longer!

Another thing I hate about the holidays, which kind of goes along with the fact that we don't celebrate them for very long - Christmas always goes too fast!

Christmas is one of those days that I look forward to for so long, and before I know it - it's gone! I HATE taking down all of our decorations and putting the Christmas ornaments back into storage.

I always dread when Christmas is over. It's like I enter a post-Christmas depression because I hate the long, dreary months of January and February. I would be totally happy with just skipping from the end of December to the beginning of May!

I'm interested to see what everyone else hates about the holidays!

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