Friday, June 22, 2012

Fun Days

I've had some fun and busy past few days! I wanted to blog about them before I forget about it all!

On Wednesday morning I had my Senior pictures taken for my school's yearbook. I'm getting them done by another photographer later on, but it was still fun! I'm crossing my fingers that at least one of them turned out good :)

Since the studio was downtown, my mom and I stopped by the Banks to try out their newest restaurant - Crave. It was SO good and unique. Look at how cute it is!

Then we of course had to stop at Orange Leaf too. They even had my favorite flavor that is for some reason always hard to find!

That night I went to Coldstone with one of my friends. Clearly I've been in ice cream moods lately. Ha!

Yesterday I had lunch with my family, and then my mom, aunt, and I went and took pictures at the Motherhouse. If you're not familiar with it, it's a really old building that the Sisters of Charity live in. The grounds are absolutely beautiful.

We went inside too and took some pictures in the chapel. I felt like we were trespassing or something, but none of the nuns cared :)

Last night was SO much fun too! I went with my friend Abby up to Dayton. We went to The Greene, had dinner, and did some shopping.

I love this place!

We stopped at this cute little bakery called Cheryl's. I'd heard of it before, but I'd never actually had anything from there. 

I got one of their chocolate chip cookies, which I already ate, and it was delicious!

I also got a Red Velvet whoopie pie, which I can't wait to try!

But the main reason we went up to Dayton was to go to Rita's. I was a little disappointed that they ran out of Strawberry before we got there. I tried Green Apple though, and I really liked it!

I'd say it's been a fun few days. Today has been super relaxing. I love having days like that occasionally. I'm watching my second movie of the day now, and I'm still in my pajamas. Sometimes it's the simple things in life :)

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