Thursday, June 21, 2012

Gatlinburg Part 3

Here's my last post on my trip! Can you tell I had fun? :)

On Sunday we had breakfast at our chalet (egg cassarole for Father's Day!). Then we stopped back at the Outlets real quick to pick something up for my Grandma.

Next it was time to go back into the park! We had lunch at this cute little spot overlooking a creek.

Then we drove around Cade's Cove, which is a scenic drive in part of the park.

We even saw a bear right off the side of the road. Crazy!

It was a momma bear with her 3 cubs....SO cute!

Since the pictures we tried to take on Saturday didn't turn out too good because of the sun, we decided to try again on Sunday night in a different spot. They turned out much better!

We had dinner downtown that night at the Smoky Mountain Brewery. Then we stopped back at Blueberry Explosion, because I am absolutely obsessed with that place! This time I got a blueberry lip balm that I love!

After that, we had dessert at Baskin Robbins. That was my first time ever eating at a Baskin Robbins, and I've always wanted to try it!

On Monday we packed up and left. My dad decided to go a different way home because of traffic, and this new way took us right through Knoxville. And guess what just so happens to be in Knoxville?


It had been SO long since I'd had Rita's! This ended up being our lunch for the day - a perfect lunch in my opinion!

This Rita's was so cute too!

Look at this exposed brick in the back! Love!

I was a little bummed at first that they didn't have Strawberry, but it forced me to try something new - Blue Raspberry, which ended up being delicious!

The Rita's was in a really cute area too. It was in a little shopping and dining place that was just so fun and neat!

I loved this little boutique right next door too!

Definitely a good vacation, and the trip home was even wonderful since we stopped at Rita's! We've figured out now that we've been to 7 different Rita's. I don't think that's obsessive at all :)

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