Monday, June 25, 2012

Homearama & Swimming

This weekend was actually pretty relaxing! I wasn't super busy, which was nice for a change. I still had a lot of fun though :)

On Friday night I went to Homearama with my family. Every year a bunch of different builders create these crazy huge houses that people can tour (and buy if you can afford it!).

All of the houses are mansions! I can't even imagine living in a house this huge.

Window seats are my absolute favorites! This looked like something right off of Pinterest :)

This one house had a mud room, complete with a dog spa. How precious is that?!?

I loved the look of this house!

I would die for this kitchen. I could make some serious cake pops in here!

On Saturday I didn't do a whole lot except go to the mall with a friend of mine. I hadn't been there in weeks! I absolutely love shopping.

Sunday was another laid back day. These are the days I was longing for a few months ago during exam month.

Today I went swimming for the first time all year. I don't why it's taken me until the end of June to finally get into a pool. It wasn't real hot at the beginning of summer, and then I've been pretty busy too. It felt SO good to finally be able to relax and swim around today.

Maddie was putting her face under water and holding her breath for the first time today, so she insisted that I take her picture!

And film a video....

There's just something so relaxing about laying out by the blue water.....

Sydney was trying to see underwater too!

Savannah and I!

I'm pretty sure I could get used to these relaxing do-nothing days. This is what I absolutely love about summer!

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