Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Gatlinburg Part 2

I love posting about my trip! If you missed the first part, you can check it out here!

On Saturday I slept in, and after we got ready, we headed into the park!

Then we hiked up to the top of one of the mountains to a place called Clingman's Dome. On a clear day, you can see for miles, but I've never been up there when it's been clear! When we went up on Saturday, it was cloudy and you couldn't see anything. Oh well.....

It was really cold up there too! I didn't have a jacket, so a blanket was the next best thing :)

Then we explored the park a little bit more and had lunch.

Then we headed back to our chalet to get ready for dinner! We decided to get dressed up and try to take some pictures, but the place we went to was so sunny that my eyes were closed in almost all of them! This was the best one, and it still isn't that great!

After our short photo shoot, we went into town for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants.....Bubba Gump's!

I just love that place! I think it's such a fun atmosphere. Our waiter quizzed us on Forest Gump trivia, and the food is so good too! I ended up getting Shrimp Mac & Cheese. SO yummy!

I loved this little scene that they recreated from the movie!

We also got Ben & Jerry's after dinner - also one of my favorites! I tried a new flavor - Chocolate Therapy. I'd definitely recommend it!

We walked around a few shops too and stumbled across this store, Blueberry Explosion.

It was tucked away in the back of a little shopping area, and we almost missed it at first! Normally it's not the kind of shop I'd want to go in, but I decided I wanted to go into it because I figured it would smell really good - ha! I was right - it did smell good, but it was also the cutest store ever! We ended up buying a lot in there: blueberry dog treats, blueberry tea, and chocolate covered blueberries. That store had blueberry everything - it was so different and neat!

I also loved the fact that they gave out little thank you notes with Bible quotes on them when you bought something. It's simple things like that which make me want to keep going back to a store!

Then of course, we headed back to our chalet and chilled in the hot tub, our favorite thing to do at night!

These posts keep getting long, so I'll do another installment soon!

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