Tuesday, June 5, 2012

iPhone Pics

Ever since I got my iPhone, most of my blog pictures have come from there. It's just so easy since I always have my phone with me, and the quality is pretty good for a phone! Well, this is going to be just a random post of some recent pictures off my phone that I haven't put into a post yet.....

I love to be super silly with my dog. Ha! The other day I set her down on my desk, and she just laid there. I think she liked it :)

I love this close-up picture of Coco too. She's almost 5, but her tongue never ceases to crack me up!

Last Thursday I met my cousins out at the mall. I love doing that! Afterwards, I stopped at another little shopping place across from the mall to go to Ulta, and I had to snap a picture of this pretty fountain. It was such a gorgeous day!

On Friday I went with a few friends to get gelato, and we decided to hit Target afterwards. My friend Nicci found these animal crackers. The rest of my friends aren't really into Lilly Pulitzer, so they let me get them. So fun and cute!

The last few days have been really nice - not too hot, but still pretty sunny for the most part. On Saturday I went with my family down to Newport, which is in Kentucky right across the river from Cincinnati.

We walked across the Purple People Bridge, which is a foot bridge connecting Kentucky and Cincinnati. It's always fun to walk across there.

These pictures are from a family picnic over the weekend too.

And that's it for now! I've been pretty busy so far this summer, but not too busy. I've still had a lot of time to relax, which I have been loving. It's so weird to have all this time with nothing I have to get done. Bliss!

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