Monday, June 3, 2013

Class of 2013

On Thursday May 30, 2013 I graduated with 158 other seniors from Seton High School. It still doesn't seem like a reality to me. I mean, how can I be that old?! Ha!

I had a pretty fabulous graduation day though. We had practice downtown in the morning, and I snapped this picture on the way out of the cathedral.

My mom and I went to Cabana for lunch and Zip Dip for ice cream when I got home, and then we headed over my cousin's house to get some pictures in my gown.

The rest of the afternoon was spent getting ready. Then it was time to leave!

Danielle and I

Me, Melanie, Christina, Rachel, and Danielle

My mom and I

Abby and I - We've gone to preschool, grade school, and high school together, and now we're both going to same college!

Danielle, Morgan, and I

Danielle, Morgan, Me, and Christina

Katie, Nicci, Erin, Me, and Danielle

Top 10 - Sarah, Laura, Kelsey, Paige, Christina, Morgan, Kat, Me, Emily, and Lindsey

Principal's Award - Lindsey, Me, Laura, Andrea, Emma, Emilie, Kelsey, Jenna, and Erika

Sydney and I

Ashley, Me, and Aly

Seton Class of 2013!

I'm a high school graduate now!

My cousin Melissa and I

Aunt Joan, Melissa, and I - I'm SO thankful they were able to come!

My parents and I

My dad and I

I feel like I look so old here!

After graduation my family and I went to dinner.

I consider myself so grateful to be a part of Seton's Class of 2013!

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