Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sleepover Party!

My mom and I had my cousins Maddie and Sydney over to spend the night earlier in the week. We do this maybe twice a year, and it's always fun. I always think it's funny because my mom used to have Melissa (Maddie & Sydney's mom) over for sleepovers, Melissa used to have sleepovers with me when I was little, and now we do the same with her kids - it's like a never ending cycle of slumber parties! Maddie and Sydney (and Savannah - their younger sister) will have to have sleepovers with my kids one day ;)

We started off the night with pizza and Zip Dip - our favorite creamy whip!

We also played outside a bit.

Look at the cute bunnies we had bouncing around our yard!

Catching lightning bugs


The girls put on a dance show with the glow sticks.

I took a little video of it because I thought it looked so neat.

Maddie and Savannah in the morning before they left.

They were so into Despicable Me, which is funny because they watch it every single time they come over.

And that was our fun sleepover!

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