Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

With all of my graduation posts, I have been a little behind on some of my normal posts. Today I'm catching up on my Memorial Day Weekend.

My weekend kicked off with a bonfire at home. We invited some family friends over and roasted s'mores by the fire. Perfect summer night!

On Saturday I woke up to something I wasn't sure how to handle................I HAD NOTHING TO DO. That hadn't happened in probably months between schoolwork, final exams, AP exams, Senior Project, and a bunch of other end of the year things. It was glorious to be able to lay around my house and relax all morning. I even got some reading done!

My family went out to dinner that night, and I got some of my favorite ice cream ever: Coldstone's Cake Batter with Oreos. Yum!

We went to the Tim McGraw concert that night too. My parents had got me pavilion seats for my birthday, and I had been looking forward to it for a long time. I absolutely love Tim McGraw's music, and I like that he isn't one of those psycho celebrities but actually has a marriage that has lasted. If only there were more celebrities like that!

The show was sold out, and I took this picture of the lawn since it shows just how crowded it was. I was never so happy to have a seat in the pavilion.

One of the opening acts was Brantley Gilbert.


I took a few videos as well. This one is Mexicoma - one of my favorite summer songs!

Felt Good on My Lips

Indian Outlaw

It was kind of cool Sunday morning, so I was able to bust out my favorite jacket ever!

I took a walk at the park in the afternoon, and it was absolutely gorgeous out. My new favorite thing is to walk down there with my iPod!

I headed over my aunt's house after my walk for a Memorial Day/birthday celebration for my cousin. It was so fun!

My cousin on my other side of the family had a bonfire party Sunday night that my family went to as well. It was such a fun family weekend!

On Monday I got pictures taken with my grandparents since neither of them could actually come to my graduation.

My cousin Hannah and I

Then my family headed downtown so I could go to..........


I decided that with my graduation money I wanted to buy something from Tiffany's. I also wanted to get it before graduation so I could wear it!

I mean, what girl doesn't love a little blue box?

I ended up going with the Return to Tiffany Heart Earrings to match my necklace.

I had a busy, but also really fun, Memorial Day Weekend!

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