Thursday, June 6, 2013

Project 365: May 2013

May was such a busy and crazy month. Here's what I was all up to......

May 1 - Silly girl.......

May 2 - Making cupcakes to bring into school tomorrow!

May 3 - So much birthday fun today! Doughnuts for breakfast, cupcakes at school, Abby Girl Sweets surprise after school, art show, and The Melting Pot for dinner. Perfection!

May 4 - A sick day called for snuggles and movies all day.

May 5 - Family birthday party tonight - everyone knows me well!

May 6 - My graduation shoes came in today!

May 7 - Brought Coco over to play at babysitting, and she got spoiled with cheese!

May 8 - Gorgeous day!

May 9 - My last day of babysitting.....
(leaving the picture out on purpose)

May 10 - Lazy Friday night after a long week of AP tests......

May 11 - Finally got to visit the Lilly Pulitzer store today!

May 12 - Is anything better than a Sunday afternoon trip to Target?

May 13 - Made a visit to the new Ulta after school today.

May 14 - Took my last AP exam ever today, was out before 11, the weather was great, watched 3 movies, and amde a bunch of fondant flowers for my wedding cake - AKA it was a good day.

May 15 - Working on my cake!

May 16 - Couldn't be more proud of the way this turned out :)

May 17 - Senior Project Presentation day! So happy I got to share this cake with amazing friends, family, teachers, and staff members!

May 18 - Senior Dance tonight :)

May 19 - Silly girl!

May 20 - Beautiful Lengths at Seton!

May 21 - My last cake pop project to bring into high school for my friends. So sad that I won't get to bake for them anymore since they are the ones who have encouraged and inspired me to dream of opening a bakery!

May 22 - Today was my last official day of class. So sad to see it all come to an end!

May 23 - Last official day of school :( Got out early though and was able to see Sydney's preschool graduation.

May 24 - Bonfire and S'Mores night!

May 25 - Tim McGraw concert tonight. Wahoooo!

May 26 - Memorial Day Weekend Party!

May 27 - Happy graduation to me!

May 28 - Enjoyed a nice afternoon at The Banks!
May 29 - Mother/Daughter Breakfast and Awards Assembly this morning. I still can't believe how blessed I was to have been able to share so many laughs, classes, and memories with these sweet girls!

May 30 - I graduated high school today! I couldn't be more proud to have been a part of Seton's Class of 2013!

May 31 - Watched The Last Song with Danielle tonight to get pumped about our senior trip!

May was possibly the busiest and craziest month of my life. There were so many big things that happened - I turned 18, took my AP exams, finished my Senior Project, and graduated high school. May 2013 may have been filled with a lot of stress and busyness, but it also holds so many great memories.

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