Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I feel like with graduation and senior trip it's been awhile since I was able to write just a post on some new things I've been loving/things I'm obsessed with lately. So this is just going to be a random post of a bunch of different "favorites" as of late.......

I have always loved Pinterest, but I have found it to be extra fun these past couple of weeks as I planned my graduation party which was last weekend (I'll post about it soon!). I found so many great ideas and gained a lot of inspiration from Pinterest that it made party planning so much easier and more fun! If you're on Pinterest, follow me here, and I'll follow you back - I'm always looking for new boards to follow.

When I was in Savannah earlier this month, my friend Danielle and I stumbled upon a store called the Savannah Bee Company on River Street. It was a cute store that sold every type of honey imaginable (I didn't know there were different types of honey!), but they also had a bunch of body products and lip products. I picked up a lip tint in Blackberry Shimmer, and I am obsessed with it now. When I got home, I thought I had misplaced it, and I was SO sad, but thankfully I found it! It has the color of a lipstick, the shine of a lipgloss, and the moisture of a lip balm, not to mention the fact that it smells amazing. I love everything about it, and now I just wish I had bought a few more, including the Peach Blossom Shimmer, which I bet is amazing too. I just found out that you can order them online, which I may have to do when I run out of my Blackberry :)

The Kellogg's Fruity Snacks are one of my favorite snacks. No, I'm not a 5 year old, but I eat fruit snacks like I am - ha! Seriously though, when we have these in the house I eat 2-3 packs a DAY. They are hands down the best fruit snacks out there.

I know I've written about my Erin Condren Life Planner before, but I'm doing it again. I bought one last year after reading so many rave reviews about it, and I'm so glad I did. I have gotten lots of compliments about it over the past year, but when people ask me where I got it and how much it was, they think I'm crazy. And I can honestly see why. I mean, $50 for basically a big notebook? Let me tell you though, it is worth it.

For one, it is completely personalized. You pick out the cover you want complete with your name or whatever else you want on it. They also made everything in the US, which I think is pretty cool too. After your first order, they send you a $10 gift certificate that never expires too - bonus! Overall, I just think the company is a really nice one.

Not to mention the fact that the planners are awesome. They have inspirational quotes throughout, the months are color coordinated, and the whole thing is just set up really nice. The fact that I used it every single day in the past year has made it worth it to me.

The 2013-2014 Life Planners were just released at the beginning of June, and I placed my order a few weeks ago, so I'm anxiously awaiting its arrival! I know it's going to help me stay so organized in college. All of my friends going off to college next year - I would definitely suggest looking into ordering one!

Macy's Sales
So about a month ago I went to Macy's and found these cute tops that I fell in love with, although I passed because they were expensive and not on sale.

This is a Michael Kors.......

......and this one is INC.

Well, a few weeks ago I was out at Macy's again and found both of the shirts on sale, plus I could use an additional coupon on them! Both of the shirts together would have cost me over $150 full price, but I was able to snag them both for about $40. Score! I have found that if you just wait and watch things at Macy's, most of the time you can find them on sale later on.

I would never pay $90 for that Michael Kors top, but around $20 I could do! You can find that top here online, although it's still a little bit more than what I paid since I had the coupon and employee discount. It pays to watch and wait for sales.

Target Dollar Center
For me, the Target Dollar Center isn't something I hit every time I go to Target. I think you can find some good deals in there (I love getting small gift fillers in there), but sometimes I think you get what you pay for and some of the stuff is cheap and weird. But my favorite thing about Target's Dollar Center is the little buckets they sell. They always have some kind of little bucket or pail in there, and I use those a lot for gifts. My favorite thing lately has been to use them for cake pop bouquets. They're the perfect size, and I love the colors and patterns they come in.

Sam & Libby Shoes
I wrote about these shoes a little while ago when I first got them (read that post here), but I think it bears repeating. The Sam & Libby shoe line for Target is amazing. I got the leopard print sandals, and I have been wearing them like crazy since they are cute and comfortable. And at only $25, they're a steal! I just might get another pair one of these days.......

Those are just a few things I've been loving lately. Hope you all are off to a great summer!

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