Monday, June 10, 2013

Senior Trip {Part 2}

Today I'm continuing with my Senior Trip recap!

On Monday we got up early because Paula Deen just happened to be in town doing a book signing. Y'all (I had to add that in!), we actually MET PAULA DEEN! How fun is that?!

The book signing was at Uncle Bubba's (her brother's restaurant) which is just outside of downtown Savannah. We caught a trolley there and were surprised that it was just us and 2 other people in the trolley!

But once we got there it was crowded.....

Uncle Bubba's was such a cute restaurant right on the marshes.

Paula was there with Michael (her husband), Jamie (her son), and Bubba (her brother). I met Bobby (her other son) several years ago, so now I can say that I have officially met the entire Deen family - ha!

Paula was exactly what you would expect. She's just as sweet and funny in real life as she is on television. Her laughter filled the entire room!

I couldn't get over how sweet she was to everyone. She said Danielle and I were "just precious," asked where we were from, and said it was nice to meet us. I just thought it was so fun getting to actually meet her.

Although we had originally planned on eating lunch at Uncle Bubba's too, our trolley was there when we were finished and we didn't want to miss it later on. Instead we had lunch back in downtown Savannah at this adorable little cafe called Goose Feathers. I had one of the best turkey sandwiches ever there.

Then we explored some other parts of the city.

This was the spot where the Forest Gump bench was. I admit, we were a little disappointed with it. You would have thought they could have at least put a little sign commemorating it there? We only knew it was this spot because a trolley tour just happened to be passing by. So weird!

I love all the little boutiques in Savannah. I wish we had more locally owned stores and restaurants in my hometown instead of just chains!

We also stopped in Sweet Carolina Cupcakes. My cousin and aunt had been to the Hilton Head location and even brought me back a Red Velvet cupcake when they were there a few months ago. They raved about it so much that I knew we had to stop in on our trip. Danielle and I both thought it was a cute and delicious bakery.

So many good flavors to choose from!

When trying out new cupcake bakeries, I usually go for Red Velvet. That's kind of my "standard" that I use to compare - ha! But since I had already tried Sweet Carolina's Red Velvet, I went for their signature flavor - the Sweet Carolina Cupcake. It was a vanilla cupcake dyed pink topped with a cream cheese frosting. For not having any chocolate in it (I am a chocolate girl through and through), it was fabulous! Their cupcakes are huge too, so I was able to take some of it back to the hotel room and nibble on it throughout the rest of the day.

We had dinner that night on River Street at the Fiddler's Crab House. We sat outside on their upper deck so we could see the river and street below.

Their food was so good too. Fresh shrimp is my favorite!

We stopped in this cute cookie place called Byrd's after dinner.

When we saw that they had cookies that were featured in Despicable Me, we had to pick up a box!

The Choco Swirlies are really good.

We also stopped in the Savannah Candy Kitchen to get some treats to eat since we decided to take the cookies home with us and not break into them right away. If there had been a way for me to eat one of these candy apples and not make a total mess, I would have done so. I thought they all looked to die for.

I instead ended up going with a milk chocolate covered Oreo (my favorite!) and a Black Raspberry Truffle.

That night we went on a ghost tour. We hadn't originally planned on doing that, but once we got down there we decided it was something we wanted to do. I am so glad we did too. Although we didn't have any ghost encounters, it was fun walking around the city at night and hearing lots of creepy ghost stories. I would definitely recommend a ghost tour in Savannah.

And that was our super fun and busy second day in Savannah. Hopefully I'll be able to fit everything else into one last post!

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