Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mother/Daughter Breakfast

Last Wednesday was our Mother/Daughter Breakfast at school, as well as our awards assembly. We had a nice Marian prayer service with our moms first, then we had breakfast and the awards. It was a really nice day, and I really enjoyed making a few more memories with my friends and classmates.

My mom and I

Danielle, Erin, Mel, and I

Ally and I

Rachel and I

Christina and I

Danielle, Me, Morgan

My mom and I

Danielle and her mom - I think it's so funny that our mom's graduated from Seton together too!

Christina and I

Ashley and I

Hannah and I

Awards time!

Getting an award

Laura and I

Kat and I

7 of the top 10 girls - These are just a few of the girls I have shared SO many classes with and have come to call friends!

Principal's Award - I'm so grateful to have received this award alongside so many other deserving girls!

The rest of the afternoon was spent getting manicures with my friend Danielle, as well as grabbing lunch and cupcakes.

Have I mentioned enough recently just how blessed I am? :)

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