Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dominican Republic {Part 1}

Yes, I have been home for over a week, and I'm just now getting around to blogging about my fab vacation. It's so unlike me to wait that long to blog about a trip! To be honest though, I've been busy but I was also putting it off a little because I didn't know how I wanted to organize these posts. So naturally, I just avoided thinking about it for awhile. I think I finally have it figured out now, so bear with me because I have a TON of pictures to share!

We got up bright and early Sunday June 23 to head to the airport. I hate getting up super early, but when vacation and an airplane ride are involved, I don't mind a bit :)

Flying is absolutely one of my favorite things ever. I'm already counting down the days until the next time I can fly (and I think I will get to twice in 2014!).

I always prefer a window seat, because I love to look out the window. Our flight had free TV shows and movies, but I ended up just listening to my iPod most of the time and watching the clouds go by - there's just nothing else like it.

Can you see the ocean?! This was my first time flying over it, and I was a little afraid it might freak me out, but I actually thought it was super neat.

We've reached the Dominican!

This was the airport. No terminals to pull up to - you actually walked down a flight of steps straight out of the plane. The airport was all thatched roofs and open air too. I somehow don't think an airport like this would pass TSA regulations in the US - ha!

Next it was time to board our bus for the resort. We had prepared ourselves for rough conditions on the drive there. When we were in Jamaica, we saw horrible living conditions and extreme poverty, but we were surprised to not drive pass that in the Dominican. Maybe they just drove us around it, but it seemed much nicer than Jamaica.

My family went with another family as well.

We stayed at the Iberostar Punta Cana. I thought the grounds of the resort were just gorgeous.

These palm trees were right outside our hotel room.


There were flamingos roaming all over the grounds - seriously so cool!

It didn't take us long to change into our suits and hit the beach when we got there.

The water was unbelievably blue and beautiful.

We got dressed and headed to dinner at one of the buffets. Look at how huge this chocolate cake was!

They had a ton of desserts, although I hate to admit it, but most of them weren't that great. I am a bit of a dessert snob though ;)

The next day was more of the same. We had a pretty good routine down - everyday we got up and went to breakfast, changed into our swim suits, went to the beach for a few hours, ate lunch at one of the buffets, went back to the beach, swam in the pool, showered and got ready, went to dinner, and then walked around or saw a show. It was a pretty relaxing way to spend the week!

I loved the palm trees and tiki huts all around the pool and beach.

The water was absolutely gorgeous, and this picture hasn't been edited at all.

We thought it was so funny that they had a giant chess board by the pool. We kept joking that it was "wizard's chess" - ha!

Playing in the sand!

On Monday we also did a little exploring. We walked down to the resort next to ours called the Iberostar Bavaro. They had a kid's waterpark area that Sydney and Riley liked.

We also looked around these little shops.

Pool time!

Dinner time!

We quickly figured out that the best things to get at the buffet were the prepared for you stations. You never know how long the food has been sitting there, but when they make it right in front of you, you know it's fresh. The pasta station was one of my favorites, although I think I only got it once.

They had a lot of things on the buffet, although some of it was scary and questionable. We tended to stick to what we could recognize - ha!

We walked around after dinner that night and explored more of the resort.

We went to the show that night as well. And.......oh my. Let's just say the sense of humor the Dominicans have is far from what we Americans think is funny. We were laughing, not because it was funny, but because the show was so bad and they were being so serious about it. I felt like I was in a bad Vegas drag club. Yeah, think men dressed up in crazy costumes with lots of feathers. We left the show early :)

I'm going to stop there for now! Although I'm getting a little nervous that I'll be blogging about this trip for the next year because I'm only through Sunday and Monday. I'll be back with more pictures from our trip soon though!

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