Saturday, July 6, 2013

Graduation Party {Decorations & Desserts}

I feel like life has been flying by lately and that I never have time to just relax. I finally have some time now (Friday night), and I am super happy to be able to sit down and get back to blogging. Like I said earlier, I have a ton of things to catch up on, but blogging has just taken a back seat as I have had so many other things to do.

But I'm starting to get caught up by first blogging about my graduation party, which was June 22. We had it at a local park, and it turned out to be pretty fun overall. This was the first party I've planned since Pinterest came into existence, so I gained some inspiration and went all out with decorations. It was so fun to put the whole thing together although it did take a lot of prep time. I enjoyed it though, and I think it just added to the festiveness of the party!

I made custom labels for the water bottles. Cute party ideas like this don't always go as planned though - the paper got soaked from the ice in the cooler, and it was hard to read the label. Oh well!

I made some photo banners to hang above the food tables with pictures of me from when I was a baby up until now.

I made a Class of 2013 banner that I hung outside the shelter when people first walked up.

I made centerpieces for each of the tables, and they turned out to be so easy and cute. My mom and I found this cheap glass store in town that sold these little jars for $0.50 a piece. We had 12 tables, so it only cost us $6 - a pretty inexpensive centerpiece! I then filled the jars with green decorative filler, tied a ribbon around the top, taped a picture (along with the date it was taken) to a cute paper straw, and I had an easy and cute centerpiece. I also made little diplomas out of smarties by wrapping them in paper with "Congratulations" printed on them and tying them with a little string. Simple, easy, and cute!

I knew I was going to be a bearcat even in 1996!

This jar got 2 pictures because we had a little mishap with one of the jars being blown off the table and shattering before the party started. Just keeping it real - the perfect plans don't always turn out!

I made tissue paper pompoms that I hung in the trees as well. I watched a quick YouTube video on how to make them, and after that they went really fast. Blogging about the party now has got me thinking that maybe I did go a bit overboard :)

Overall, we went for the green theme since my high school was green, but we decided to make the desserts all UC. I made these chocolate cupcakes topped with vanilla buttercream 100% from scratch, and I even made the toppers myself too.

We got these cookies from a local place in town. They always turn out so good. These kind of cookies are something I really have not tried myself - maybe one of these days!

And of course, no party of mine is complete without some cake pops. I was so happy with how fast these went (we didn't have any left). It always makes me excited to see my family and friends love them just as much as I do.

I'll post pictures from the actual party soon. Hope you all are having a good start to your weekend!

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