Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dominican Republic {Part 3}

I'm getting back to posting about my Dominican Republic trip today. I feel like these posts keep dragging on (sorry about that!), but I love posting about it all so that I can look back on them down the road. You can see Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

Wednesday started off a little dark, but I don't think it ever actually rained. It has been so long that it's hard for me to remember though - ha!

We finally got around to playing checkers that morning on the chess board. My family was the flamingos and our friends were the ninjas. Happy to say the flamingos beat the ninjas :)

Then it was beach time!

And pool time! We met a family at the pool on Tuesday who were from England (it was somewhat rare to find people speaking English!), so we usually met up with them at the pool every afternoon since their daughter liked playing with Sydney and Riley. I found it so fascinating to talk to her mom and hear all about life in England!

This was taken during the afternoon "loco show" by the pool. When they said it was a crazy show, they meant it! Think lots of men dressed up and dancing like women. I thought it was funny how they danced to all American pop songs though. Apparently they love LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It" in the Dominican Republic.

We saw another bride that night!

We tried to take some family pictures down on the beach that night, but it was so crazy windy that they didn't turn out that great.

That night we had dinner at the seafood restaurant, and for the first (and only!) time that week I got shrimp. I love eating shrimp on vacation, but they didn't serve it at the buffet.

Chocolate brownie for dessert!

We went and walked around the Iberostar Bavaro some more after dinner.

My parents and I also went to the disco that night. Since I was a complete legal adult there, I could get into the bar, so we decided that we at least had to check it out once. It was a little lame though because it wasn't very crowded (we got there right when it opened), and they were playing Spanish music that we didn't know. Oh well - still kind of neat!

Thursday interesting day and one that probably won't be forgotten very quickly! It started off with some of us (myself included) being a little sick from the food. Eating so much heavy and rich food for pretty much every meal was bound to catch up with us I guess.

Thursday started off being a pretty day though!

I just loved doing these panoramas!

We hit the beach after breakfast and got some sun......but apparently I got a little too much sun. When we went to lunch, I started feeling a little "off". I was getting hot, so I asked my dad to take me back to the hotel room to cool off. Well, as we started walking, I almost passed out. I got tunnel vision, it was hard to hear anything, and I was hot and shaky. I had never experienced anything like it before, and I hope I never have to again! Thankfully we were close to some chairs, so my dad sat me down and got me something to drink. In a few minutes I was feeling better and spent most of the remainder of the afternoon in the hotel room relaxing. It rained that day anyway, so if I was going to get sick, Thursday was a good day for it. We found some Pringles in the gift shop, and I ate a bunch of those in the room. It felt good to eat some normal snack food!

We had dinner at the steak restaurant that night, and that was another favorite by pretty much all of us. We were relieved that the meat was totally normal and tasted like steak since some of their meat was pretty questionable. For dessert I ordered the apple pie, and although it was pretty good, this was no where close to the old fashioned American pie I'm used to!

We met up with our England friends that night at the magic show. This show was actually pretty good, at least compared to the other ones!

When the guy was on his last trick, all of the lights went out. I totally thought it was part of the act at first, but then I realized that the power was out everywhere and that the magician had no idea what was going on. The electricity had gone out across the whole hotel complex! It was late at night too, so it was crazy dark. Thankfully it was only out for about an hour, but it was pretty difficult trying to get back to our room and ready for bed in pitch black darkness.

So in one day I had gotten sick, almost passed out, and the electricity went out. Talk about a crazy adventure of a day!

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