Monday, July 22, 2013

Recent Randoms

Just dropping in real quick today to do a post on some recent randoms that have been happening lately.

Look at my sweet girl - I love her so much!

A few weeks ago my mom and I babysat my cousin Savannah. She's just so cute :)

She loved chewing on ice!

My family and I went bike riding a few Saturdays ago. We have never just gone and rode bikes for exercise. And we rode for 8 miles. I don't know what was wrong with us - ha! It was hot, but I definitely got in a good workout.

After a rough and rainy start to summer, we've had pretty good weather this past week. It's been hot, but rain-free.

I'm still dealing with my wisdom teeth removal. I'm getting a little better each day. I was happy that I didn't get too swollen, and the little swelling I did experience was easily covered up with a little bronzer and highlighter :) In fact, the day after I got them out my mom and I went out to Rookwood and had lunch at First Watch. I hadn't been expecting to be able to get out that soon. I got fruit crepes which were easy to chew and super delicious after a day of all liquid food.

I've been doing a lot of reading lately too. I just finished up these two books - Confessions of a Shopaholic and Meet Me at the Cupcake Cafe. I really enjoyed them both since they were both based on topics I love - shopping and baking!

This has been my view for the last few days. In fact, I'm sitting in bed with Coco at my feet as I type this.

I mentioned in one of my other recent posts (here) that I bit the bullet and finally bought a bubble necklace. I had always liked them, but I never wanted to pay the money because I didn't think I would get much wear out of it. I thought that such a large statement necklace wouldn't go with a lot and that it would just sit in the back of my closet. Since I got it, I've already worn it twice though. I think it's going to be more versatile than I initially thought. When I put this top on the other day, it needed something, and the bubble was exactly what it needed!

My family and I went Friday night to visit our family friend's new baby. I babysit his sister a lot, so I can't wait to get to be friends with him too!

The last few weeks have been fun and relaxing. Getting my wisdom teeth out wasn't fun, but it gave me a lot of opportunities to chill, which I was grateful for since I haven't done a ton of that this summer. I also got to swim for the first time in Cincinnati this year. I had been swimming on both of my vacations, but not at home! I'm glad the weather is finally turning around.

I hope you all are having as good of a summer as I am!

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