Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Project 365: June 2013

I almost totally forgot about posting Project 365 for this past month - oops!

June 1 - Saying goodbye to Coco as I leave for my senior trip!

June 2 - Heading off to Savannah!

June 3 - Oh, you know, just meeting Paula Deen this morning.

June 4 - Spent the day at the beach on Tybee Island!

June 5 - Biked all around Tybee Island today so we could eat the Southern Buffet at The Lady and Sons. Yum!

June 6 - Great end to an even better senior trip!

June 7 - UC cake pops!

June 8 - Graduation party hopping today!

June 9 - More graduation party hopping today.... Jessica's and then Abby's. I'm loving this cake pop bouquet I gave Jess!

June 10 - Still can't get over how cute my UC cake pops from yesterday turned out!

June 11 - So many toys, so little time.

June 12 - I can officially be a businesswoman now....I've got a pencil skirt!

June 13 - Working hard on my high school scrapbook.

June 14 - Zip Dip for lunch and it's not even vacation!

June 15 - Went to Christina's graduation party, and I loved how the Loyola cake pops turned out!

June 16 - My sweet girl sleeping as mom and I watch movies and work on graduation party prep!

June 17 - Volunteering at Children's + my first day of work at UC + a sleepover = exhausted.

June 18 - Max & Erma's cookies - my favorite!!

June 19 - Working on some more graduation party prep tonight!

June 20 - Annual summer pedicure day!

June 21 - Played bubbles all afternoon!

June 22 - Graduation party day!

June 23 - Adios Cincinnati, hola Dominican Republic!

June 24 - So relaxing!

June 25 - Three Milk Cake = best dessert all week!

June 26 - Love it here!

June 27 - Such a crazy day - thunderstorms, almost passing out, and the electricity going out at the end of the magic show. An adventure that won't soon be forgotten!

June 28 - Gorgeous!

June 29 - Selfies on the beach :)

June 30 - Flying over the ocean has got to be one the coolest things ever!

June 2013 was a pretty dang good month. Any time that I get to go on two vacations and fly twice in one month is special :)

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