Sunday, July 21, 2013

Jonas Brothers Concert

Last Sunday I went to the Jonas Brothers concert with my friends Abby and Danielle. Years ago I was Jonas obsessed. I've seen them a few times in concert before. They're just my favorite boy band, and they were a big part of my younger teenage years!

So when we heard that after three years they were finally going on tour again and stopping here, we knew we had to go. We also decided to go all out and get VIP tickets with sound check passes. You only live once, right?

It was crazy hot and we had to get to the venue at 1 (the concert didn't start until 7), so we were melting pretty much all day. Sound check made the wait worth it - it was so fun since we were so close.

They sang Hello Beautiful at sound check.

Between sound check and the concert we grabbed dinner and ran into a few friends, which was nice!

Karmin was the opening act, and although I wasn't familiar with them before, I was super impressed. They had good voices, upbeat songs, and really pumped the crowd up.

When the Jonas Brothers came out, the crowd went wild. Seriously, I think it was the loudest concert I've ever been to because of all the screaming girls :)

They played a good mix of their classic old songs as well as some ones off their upcoming album.

Fly With Me!

It was neat how all of their songs brought back SO many good memories for me. I can remember jamming to their songs back in grade school. I thought it was also cool how all of the fans at the concert were the same fans from 3+ years ago. Their fans used to be grade school girls, but now they're all older! It's funny how young kids probably aren't even familiar with the Jonas Brothers anymore.


Burnin' Up - such a classic!

It was such a fun day with friends that brought me back to so many good memories.

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