Thursday, August 2, 2012

Best iPhone Tricks

I love my iPhone. If you don't have an iPhone, you'll probably want to skip this post because it's all about my favorite iPhone tricks/tips.

I am far from knowing everything there is to know about my iPhone, but there are some fun and unique things that I've discovered that I thought I'd pass on in case you don't know them!

I love using Emoji! If you've never heard of it, Emoji allows you to send little icons to other iPhone users. If you send them in a text or tweet, they will only show up to people with iPhones. They are so fun though because there are TONS of different icons you can send for just about anything!

It's so easy to install this too! All you have to do is go to the Settings app. Then select General.

Then Keyboard.

International Keyboards

Add New Keyboard, and choose the Emoji keyboard.

Then when you want to use an Emoji, just click the button that looks like a world at the bottom of your keyboard when you're sending the message, and you can choose any icon you want!

Switching Between Apps
It's SO easy to switch between apps too. If you want to check both Twitter and Instagram, all you need to do is open both apps. Then when you are in, let's say Twitter, press the home button two times in a row, and your open apps will pop up at the bottom, and you can easily switch to a different app. So easy!

Saving the Battery
One thing I totally didn't realize when I first got my iPhone is that if you open an app, and then get out of it, the app continues to run in the background. This is totally fine if you want to switch between apps like I just mentioned, but if you keep them open then it really eats up your battery. So, if you're totally done with an app, you can close it down so it stops running in the background. To do this, you can click the home button twice so that the apps pop up (just like to switch between apps).

Then just press and hold one of the app icons until they start to wiggle, and exit out of them. I do this pretty regularly so that I can save my battery as much as possible.

Flash Messages
Something else kind of fun that you can do with the iPhone is make the flash go off whenever you have a text message or any other kind of alert. Again, so easy to do! I find that most of the iPhone settings are easy to apply if you know about them. The only hard thing is that sometimes it's hard to know that some of the custom settings are even possible to do!

To apply this one, just go to Setting, then General.

Under General, pick Accessibility.

Then turn on LED Flash for Alerts!

Quick Message Reading
This is one of my favorite tips that I use all the time since I found out about it. When a text message (or other notification) comes up on your lock screen, you can unlock the phone by sliding the bar at the bottom. I noticed that sometimes it would take you right to the message, but other times it would not? (I don't know why?!?) So, if you want to view the message directly, you can slide the actual text message instead of the bar at the bottom. Then it will take you right to the message so you can reply right away!

Picture Taking Tip
An easy picture taking tip is that you can take a picture by pressing the + button for the volume on the side. This can sometimes be easier than having to press the button on the screen itself.

To quickly access texts, notifications, and even the weather, you can slide down the top of the screen (by where the time is displayed), and it will take you right to the notifications!

Screen Clips
I took all of the pictures in this post by screen clipping them. To do this, just press the home button and the lock button at the same time, and it will automatically save to your Camera Roll!

Saving an Instagram Picture to Camera Roll
Sometimes I like saving other peoples' pictures to my phone. If you're on a website, you can touch and hold a picture, and it will save it. However, I found that you cannot save an Instagram picture this way. But, I figured out a way to save an Instagram picture that someone else posts! All you have to do is take a screen clip of the picture, and then find the picture in your Camera Roll. Choose the Edit option in the top right hand corner, and then crop it using the crop option in the bottom right hand corner. Then you can have any Instagram picture that some else posts!

I just realized that saving other peoples' pictures sounds kind of creepy - ha! I only use it to save pictures I'm in, or to save pictures my family posts. I wouldn't just save some random person's pictures :)

I hope some of these tricks/tips helped! Do you have any favorite iPhone tips that I might not know about?

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Jenna said...

Love your tips! I had no idea you could close out your apps! I followed your directions and I am pretty sure I had to close every single app on my phone! Yikes! lol

Thanks for sharing!