Thursday, August 16, 2012

Color Themed Gift Idea

I love Pinterest, and I have a whole board of gift ideas. I think it's fun to come up with creative gifts to give to people. Well I have a fun one that I figured I would share today!

At my school, the seniors get paired up with a freshman, and for the first day of school we give them gifts to help them feel welcome! Everyone decorates a pot and then fills it with green things since that's our school's color. I think it would be so fun to give a decorated pot like this to someone as a gift and then fill it with things that are their favorite color!

This is the outside of my pot. It took me forever to get the chevron stripes on there, but I love the way it turned out!

This is what the pot looks like from the top! Tons of green stuff!

Now here's just some ideas of things you could put in the pot......

A loofa 



Antibacterial Gel - Bath & Body Works has pretty much every color hand gel you could want!

More color themed candy



Post-it notes 

Gift cards to really anywhere - I got an Orange Leaf one!


Nail Polish 

That's all that I got for my pot, but here's some other cute ideas....

Mardi Gras beads



Hair bands

Cups - I think a cute Tervis tumbler would look cute in there too!


Eyeliner - That would be fun if you were doing a blue, brown, black, or white themed gift!

Makeup bags

.....or pretty much anything else fun!

And then to fill up the bottom of the pot, I got a bunch of random candy. I added all the green stuff on top, and that's it! 

I tried to make sure I didn't get anything really useless and cheap. I think it could be really easy for this gift to become dumb and tacky if you filled it with a bunch of dollar store items, but that's just me! I tried to make sure everything I put in the pot was something I would use too. It seems like a waste of money to me to buy a bunch of cheap stuff that they would end up throwing away or not using anyway.

I would love to get a cute little pot like this filled with pink stuff myself since that's my favorite color. I'm going to keep this in mind the next time I have to get a gift for someone :)

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