Friday, August 10, 2012

Girls Day

Today my mom and I had a fun girls day out! I love it when we have days like this over the summer - it's basically my definition of a perfect day!

Today we headed up to the Greene, which is up in Dayton. I love the Greene - it's just such a fun place to shop at, and I wish we had something like it close to my house!

We got there around 10 and wasted no time starting to shop!

Around 11 we stopped to share a crepe at That Crepe Place. That shop is absolutely delicious!

My mom and I split a Strawberry Cheesecake crepe. It had strawberries and a homemade vanilla cream sauce. My stomach is growling just thinking about it :)

Then we shopped some more before we had lunch. We wanted to try some place we had never been to before, and we decided on a restaurant called Mimi's Cafe. It was SO good! It was decorated like New Orleans, and the food so delicious too. I would definitely go back there again.

We finished up shopping around the Greene before we headed to Rita's! That makes 4 Rita's trips this summer - obviously making this summer a huge success!

They even had Kiwi-Strawberry ice today! That's one of my favorite flavors, and I've only ever seen it 2 other times before today. I was one happy girl!

We stopped on the way home at another exit because I wanted to pick up some things at Ulta. I ended up getting a lot of fun stuff that I'll share soon!

And as we were driving there, I saw this little cupcakery, and we knew we just HAD to stop in.

My mom's name is June, which is a name you don't hear of a lot! Some of her friends used to (and some still do!) call her Junebug. So of course, we just had to stop in - ha!

The place was SO cute too! I loved how they had normal sized cupcakes, but they also had minis too. So we opted for 4 of the minis so we could sample more! We ended up getting Chocolate Salted Carmel, Junebug (aka Red Velvet), Chocoholic, and Dirty Mess. We haven't sampled them all yet, but so far, they are great!

I'd say it's pretty much just been a fantastic day! Shopping days with my mom are always my favorite :)

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