Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Project 365: July

I totally forgot to post this yesterday, but oh well! Better late than never...

July 1 - Brothers of the Sun show!

July 2 - Baking Red Velvet cupcakes for the 4th of July :)

July 3 - Sydney and I at the fireworks!

July 4 - Lorelei and I at the 4th of July party!

July 5 - Met the Petrocelli's for lunch at Cabana!

July 6 -Friday night fun: dinner at Alcapulco's, Diary Queen, and a drive through the country!

July 7 - Love babysitting Lorelei!

July 8 - Can't wait to start my new books on vacation!

July 9 - Pool day!

July 10 - Annual summer pedicure day!

July 11 - Zip Dip with Hannah and Brandon!

July 12 - Sweet Coco laying on my lap!

July 13 - Babysitting today!

July 14 - Got to Destin today!

July 15 - Destin Day 2: Watercolor Beach, Exploring Destin, and Senior pictures!

July 16 - Destin Day 3: Beach, Bubba Gump's, and Destin Commons!

July 17 - Destin Day 4: Kripy Kreme Doughnuts, Blue Angels, Pensacola Lighthouse, Flounder's, and Baytowne Wharf

July 18 - Destin Day 5: Beach, Pool, Dewey Destin Seafood, and Visiting Kat!

July 19 - Destin Day 6: Scooters, Seaside, Back Porch, and Harbor Walk fireworks!

July 20 - Destin Day 7: Another Broken Egg, Outlet Mall, Gilligan's, and 32 Degrees!

July 21 - Had to leave Destin today, but at least I got Rita's on the way home!

July 22 - Saying goodbye to my cluttered room since I'm cleaning it all up tonight!

July 23 - Went swimming today!

July 24 - Cake pops!!

July 25 - Babysat Hannah and Brandon today and took them to Fernbank with Coco!

July 26 - Lazy day with Coco!

July 27 - Coco snuggling on my leg while watching the London 2012 Opening Ceremonies!

July 28 - Went to a festival with the Frimmings tonight! Got some cotton candy - my favorite!

July 29 - Finally got my Paris picture hung!

July 30 - I had nothing to do today except lay around with Coco all day. Pure bliss!

July 31 - Went through my clothes and accessories tonight looking for new outfits, and I think this is going to be my new favorite fall outfit!

What a fun July!

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