Monday, August 27, 2012

Makeup Monday {Bare Minerals}

When I was in Destin, I went into their Bare Escentuals store, and ended up buying a makeup kit that (to me), was a great value! I tried to search the products on the Bare Escentuals site, and most of them weren't on there, so I think the colors must be discontinued now or something, but I'll still post about them!

I figured I'd share exactly what I got and my opinions on them! I just love writing and reading makeup posts. Ha!

Eyeshadow - Creme de la Creme and Magnifique
I love these eyshadows! The Creme de la Creme is a pretty gray and creamy color. I love the Magnifique too! That's a really dark color that's more like a dark gray with a little bit of plum in it! I would definitely recommend their eyeshadows. You get a TON of eyeshadow too :)

Big & Bright Eyeliner - Black Coffee
I love this eyeliner! I like that the color is a cross between black and brown, and I just love how smooth it goes on!

Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara
I'm actually not that impressed with this mascara. I don't think it is really dramatic, and I don't think I'd pay full price for it. The Benefit They're Real! Mascara is SO much better!

Tinted Hydrating Mineral Veil
I love this finishing powder! It seems to stay on my face all day, and I like how it's pretty tinted. There are a lot of days when I don't feel like using my liquid foundation, so I can just use this powder and still cover up a lot!

Blush - Avant-Garden
I do NOT like this blush! Ha! I like the color alright, but I hate the packaging! It's a loose blush like the Mineral Veil is a loose powder, but I don't like the idea of a loose blush. I either get too much product on my brush, or not enough. Although, I saw online that their blushes come in a normal packaging now, so maybe they fixed that problem! I still like my Nars blush so much though!

Lipgloss - Rouge
I really like the formula of this lipgloss. It's not overly wet and sticky, but it seems like it would stay on your lips a long time! The only thing I don't like about it is the color. I didn't get to pick the color, so it's a really dark red/brown, which just isn't the color for me! I really want to try their lipgloss in a different color though.

Overall, I really like the Bare Escentuals/Bare Minerals brand! The eyeliner and powder are my favorite!

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