Thursday, August 23, 2012


Well, I survived my first day of Senior year! It's so weird to think that I will never have another first day of school as a high school student.

A few weeks ago my cousin gave us the idea of taking a picture of me with my first day of kindergarten picture. So my mom and I looked through our old photo albums and finally found the pictures!

I think this picture should receive the most awkward picture award - ha! My dad and I both look so serious :)

So yesterday morning we took these pictures....

I also had to get a picture with Coco too....

Then I had to dig up the picture from my first day of Freshman year too....

All of these pictures have made me think about how much things have changed in 12 years. I've had so many life experiences, and I have met so many new people since I started kindergarten. I feel like I don't even look like the same person from 12 years ago. I also think it's so funny how different I look even just from Freshman year. When you see yourself everyday, it doesn't seem like you change a lot because it happens so slowly. When I compare myself to 3 years ago though, I feel like I look SO much older now.

I can't even imagine how much things will change again by the time I graduate college. I'm nervous and excited for it at the same time :)

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