Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summer Wrap Up

I seriously can't believe that tomorrow I start my Senior year of high school! It seems like just yesterday I was a Freshman!

I've been thinking about this summer a lot lately. The way I spend my days is going to change dramatically tomorrow. Of course I wish I could have fun summer days all the time, but I know that's just not possible! So I'm trying to be thankful for all the wonderful summer memories I made this summer instead of being sad that summer's almost over.

Some of the highlights of this summer included.....

Zoo trips!

Family lunches

Going to Gatlinburg with my family

A day of shopping at Easton with my mom

Mall trips with friends

Listening to Springsteen by Eric Church
This was my song of the summer. I specifically remember jamming to it one night with my family while we were on our way to go swimming. That was one of those "perfect" moments to me!

Concerts with friends

Dinner with friends and family

Lunches at Cabana

A wonderful trip to Destin!

Making cake pops

Red's games

Eating Rita's :)

I had SO much fun this summer! I'm so blessed, and I need to remember that even when in a few days I'm swamped with homework and tests ;)

This morning was our Big/Little Sister Picnic at school. It was so fun, but it was so weird too. I can still remember when I was the freshman getting the tour of the school, and today I was the one giving the tour! I just still can't believe that I'm a Senior. Although I'm dreading the homework and tests, there are some things I'm really looking forward to about school. I love being able to see my friends everyday. I think that since this is my last year, I'm going to be a lot better at really being grateful for everything that happens this year. I'm really going to try to take it all in and not spend this year looking forward to college or wishing I could go back in time. I really just want to remember everything about this upcoming year. :)

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